How to Find a Remote Job Right Out of College

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Icy Canada TeamJanuary 26, 2021
Updated 2023/09/01 at 4:21 AM
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Everyone’s dream is to get out of campus and get a good job immediately, but that is not the case on every occasion. A short-term solution is to seek remote work as you wait for your dream job.

The basic requirements to work from home are a computer, stable internet, skills, and a platform to receive and submit work. The platform is provided by the organization and is majorly a web-based application. Below is a guide to help you secure a remote job right after college.

Check job alerts frequently.

Visit jobs advertising websites every day not to miss a job opening because the listings are frequently made. The probability of getting one that interests you is high when you access their websites daily. To be among the top people to apply for the job, allow notifications to receive alerts immediately whenever an advert is posted.

There are so many scam websites on the internet, and as a result, you should research their authenticity. Reviews and comments by other people can give you a decent idea about them. Indeed and Glassdoor are some of the legit job post websites that you can access.

If you have enrolled or plan to go for higher studies and a job or plan to work only for a short while and join the university once your selection is finalized, take help from Ca.EduBirdie. It will provide you the perfect help with a college application essay and even a personal statement that you need to apply to your favorite university to pursue higher education. It is a professional writing service that can do the writing work for you while you keep looking for jobs. This will allow you to focus on hunting the right job for you, and once you get there, you can sit and wait for your higher study selection call.

CV and cover letter

After getting a job listing that interests you and meets all the requirements, create a professional resume that tells your story and matches the job requirements.

Write an eye-catching cover letter that outlines all your skills about what has been posted and give them a reason to pick you as the best. Research to know more about the company and tell them how you intend to solve the problems you may have identified.

Learn remote presentation

There are no physical interactions with co-workers in a fully remote environment; data sharing and meetings are entirely online.

Take time to practice how to share and start conversations over online communication channels. It will boost your confidence before and after the interview. Also, you gain the courage to communicate and share ideas freely with fellow and superior employees.

Early preparations help you avoid technical itches during presentations, and you get humble time to familiarize yourself with the chat platforms.

Build your portfolio

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Most employers hire people based on the experience and milestones they have achieved. To increase your employability rate, have at least something to tell and show your potential employers that you are an expert in what you do.

You apply for what you enjoy doing, and one can conclude that you have done something, even for leisure. Skill show makes you stand out from the rest, and it is easier for someone to hire you when you share similar jobs you have accomplished before.


Freelancing is one of the most popular remote jobs to sign up for, as it gives you the freedom to bid for the projects that interest you. The websites’ work models may vary, but the main idea is to have a good platform that enables the employer and the freelancer to interact, share, submit work, and work long-term. 

With plenty of skills to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Content writing to dissertation writing, legal to web development, architecture to virtual assistance, there’s a job for every fresher.

Joining involves registering for an account, updating your profile, skills, and bidding for the openings that interest you. Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Guru are among the most popular freelance platforms to create free accounts and earn an income.


In conclusion, to have an easier time finishing the assignment within the set datelines, apply only for the jobs you are competent and interested in. Online work is a commitment to time and quick response. As much as you can state that you will be working particular hours, expect calls and meetings during odd hours once in a while.

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