How to Keep Yourself Entertained at Home? Movies to Memes

How to Keep Yourself Entertained at Home? Movies to Memes 1

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we look at entertainment – or how we work. Today, both work and entertainment have shifted indoors. Before the pandemic, only 17% of US employees worked remotely. That percentage increased to 44% during the pandemic.

With no places of recreation like movie theatres, restaurants, or museums open, it can be hard to make life fun. 

Top 7 Ways to Keep Yourself Entertained Indoors

Staying home for days can seem like a nightmare. If you’re alone, that’s worse. Don’t worry – you can still have your creative juices up and running. Here are some ideas. 

  • Movie and Web-series Streaming

It’s what we’ve all been doing throughout the past year, and with good reason. On-demand platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video have hosts of movies, TV series, web series and originals.

You can subscribe to any of them and access that content for viewing. New series and films are released weekly, which means that there’s always a fresh supply, even for the most avid TV-watcher. 

You can also purchase movies and TV shows on Apple TV, YouTube and Google Play and view them. 

  • Play Video Games

Did you know that the video game industry is bigger than the movie and music industry put together?

The rise of story-driven and open-world games have made video games palatable to a broad audience. You can also play online Battle Royale games like PUBG, Fortnite, or CoD: Warzone. If you own a console, try CyberPunk – you can probably get it on sale, and most of the initial bugs have now been done away with. 

You could also log in to an online casino to play games and try your luck. Online casino games are taking a cue from video games and are becoming increasingly sophisticated and story-driven – each with a unique cast of characters, storyline and soundtrack to accompany you as you spin the slots.

  • Read books

If you’ve exhausted all the options on Netflix and Hulu, why not go back to basics by cracking open a book?

Books are a portal into thousands of different worlds, and unfurling a story through a book’s pages is very different from watching it unfold on screen. For example, if you enjoyed Netflix’s Bridgerton, you’ll enjoy reading the book it was based on – The Duke and I by Julia Quinn. 

Much better, why not try writing your own book? We’re living through unprecedented historical times, and each of us has a special story to tell. And if you want to put some dragons in there, who’s to stop you?

  • Create TikToks

It is fun to create TikTok content. TikToks are short, don’t require any investment from your side (you can do it in your pyjamas and any setting), and are highly entertaining.

Plus, who is to say that you won’t become viral and earn a following? Stranger things have happened. Just ask Nathan Evans, a former postman who kicked off the sea shanty craze on TikTok with his infectious cover of Soon May The Wellerman Come, and now has a recording contract. Not bad!

  • Painting

Painting is a therapeutic process. The colors have a soothing effect on the senses. It’s relaxing to see the brush glide across the paper spreading the paint. It doesn’t need to be museum-quality. Think of it as a way to express and enjoy yourself through the act of creating something that only you could.

  • Play with Lego

It’s not just for kids anymore. Playing with those tiny plastic bricks is immensely entertaining. Build any regular structure or a building based on your wildest imagination. Whatever you make, you will enjoy some very entertaining hours. And of course, if you have children in the household, you can get them involved too. 

  • Create memes

Did you know that ‘meme-maker’ is a legit job role these days? Creating memes will entertain not only you but also others. There are numerous meme generators available on mobile app stores with which you can create hilarious memes. Look to current events to inspire you and express your funny side to the world by posting those memes on social media platforms. 

Looking for even more things to do? Well, you could spend your time in the stock market, or learn to exercise – without the need for a gym equipment. There are plenty of online videos that teach you how to do it. And you could also start your mornings with some yoga to feel fresh.

How are you keeping yourself entertained indoors? Let us know below. 

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