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Icy Canada TeamFebruary 18, 2022
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It is no exaggeration to say the global online gambling industry is exploding. The industry grew from 64.13 billion in 2020 to more than 72 billion in 2021. The impressive growth rate is steady at 12.3% annually. Experts predict by 2025, the online gambling industry will reach 112.09 billion. It is fair to say online casino gambling is becoming the new normal to punters around the world. This is due to convenience, ease of play with quality internet, and accessible applications that are usable anywhere at any time. 

Whether you are new to online casinos or just curious about the opportunities online, it can be unclear which online casino is best for you. Below you will find some easy tips to help you make an informed choice.

The first consideration in making your choice is the quality of the site you are researching. A quality online casino is licensed by an independent or government agency (or both) and has readily available information. These authorities ensure the casinos follow the rules and regulations provided to protect the customers. 

There are many of these agencies around the world. However, the most respected and strictest groups include; the Government of Curacao, Malta Gambling Authority, UK Gambling Commission, or Gibraltar Gambling Commissioner. If the online casino you consider is licensed under any of these groups, you can feel comfortable they are honest and legal. 

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Financial considerations

If you are playing with a properly licensed casino, you shouldn’t worry about funding your account or collecting your winnings. The licensing agencies are steadfast on financial matters, insurance, and payouts.

Just like a land-based casino, you will not hear of a casino that takes someone’s winnings away without very good reason, and you never will. Online casinos like paying you. They take in a lot more than the payout, and celebrating your win is the best promotion they can get. It is good business to make you a winner! However, some online casinos do not have user-friendly websites. If setting up your account is complicated, or if there is no symbol of the site being secure and encrypted, you may be at the wrong site. 

While it is cutting edge, online casinos like Gamdon Canada accept cryptocurrency and other forms of cyber currency. Most e-gaming sites have various forms of funding your account. They usually accept major credit cards and local payment options. You can also use your bank to transfer or wire funds to your account. Bank transfers may take a little longer, but you are ready to play as soon as your funds post to your account. When choosing an online casino, make sure you have the appropriate funding options. Also, inquire about the time it takes to receive your payments when you win. Usually, 72-hours is the typical timeframe. 

Bonuses, Wagering Requirements, and Restrictions

Online casinos are businesses. Like any other business, they will offer you promotions to get your business. Be sure you read them carefully. 

Most bonuses have restrictions. There will probably be a maximum bet in place. This is the most you will be allowed to wager while you have an active bonus in play. All bets are not counted the same toward meeting your wager requirements. You may be able to use your bonus 100% on slots, but only a very small percentage is counted on table games. This is not to say the casino is not a good one as long as you understand the rules of the games. You do not want to use bonus money and win on a table game only to find out later; the bet doesn’t count as you thought it did. 

Check out the games.

Do a little research. Check the ratings of the casino and the casino games. Find one that has the top games in the industry. If you are a lover of slots, it is easy to look up the slots with the best RTP percentages. The variety of the games, graphics, themes, and styles is limitless. 

You might want to branch out from there. Try video poker, live poker games, roulette, Blackjack, and many others. Find a casino that has everything you are looking for now and, in the future, as you gain experience. 


Of course, other considerations did not make our list. We encourage you to research for yourself. However, an online casino that hits all of the above marks we have set for you is a reputable and honest company. Take full advantage of their site. They will have plenty of information on how to play and how to win. They will have answers to all of your questions, and they will have excellent customer service to help if you require assistance. With all of this, you can enjoy playing, and rest assured, you are right where you need to be. 

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