How To Spend The Best Christmas In Canada


If you’re thinking of the best Christmas vacation away from residence, there is no greater place to spend the joyful season than Canada. With wintry scenes and seasonal glee in profusion, you’ll feel merry in no time.

Many of Canada’s towns change from bustling capitals to winter wonderlands over the joyful time, with Christmas stalls and lots of other occasions and festivities organized.
This complete listicle will assist you in driving your route within the abundance of possibilities in terms of places where you can spend the best Christmas in Canada, in its genuine character. Choose which out of these is the best place to spend Christmas in Canada for you.

  • Toronto: Santa Claus Parade
  • Calgary: Zoo Trip
  • Quebec City: Snowy Serenity
  • Edmonton: Horse Drawn Sleigh Rides
  • Montreal: Magical Snowfall
  • Niagara Falls: Fireworks & Musicals
  • Dawson City: Boat Parade
  • Ottawa: Christmas Carols
  • Saskatoon: Fancy Candies & Toy Stores
  • Vancouver: Parade Of Lights
  • Simcoe: A Sparkling Wonderland
  • Airdrie: Festival Of Lights
  • Victoria: Christmas Cocktails
  • Newfoundland: Two Santa Claus Parades
  • Almonte: Canadian Christmas Food
  • St. John’s: Mummers Festival
  • Mont Tremblant: Skiing And Horse Sledding

1. Toronto


Photo by Elyse Turton on Unsplash.

Canada’s most magnificent town positively knows how to do the best Christmas in Canada. There are loads of affordable flights to Toronto that you can reserve up around the carnival season, but you won’t be the single one to be attracted to Canada’s most populous town. Half a million folks are fascinated by the bright lanterns, open-air skating arenas, yearly celebrations, and brilliant pane images.

With visitant numbers striking well over half a million people, Canada’s most considerable downtown accommodates the seasonal Santa Claus Parade, being the most comprehensive of its kind in the world.

Besides attending that, during December, you can take in plenty of lights for a carnival that kicks off with the illumination of a massive Christmas tree in front of the City Hall at Nathan Phillips Square. And during December, you can take in the Christmas fair in the captivating Distillery District.

2. Calgary

It’s not ordinarily a tour to the zoo that’s the primary image off of an ordinary person’s head when it develops to methods for commemorating Christmas. But in the Canadian town of Calgary, it’s a firmly recognized culture.

Each year, from late November to early January, the Calgary Zoo coordinates the yearly celebration called Zoolights. A whole of 1.5 million lights will embrace you as you traverse within the zoo premises drinking hot chocolate.

You must tour the kids-only Elf’s Toy Shop, or Candyland, and even something called “Santa Vision” which empowers children to immediately chat to the white-bearded gentleman in the red suit up in the North Pole!

While taking a tour to the zoo may not be your primary thought on a cold winter’s day, in Calgary, it’s a ritual. Once you’ve traveled the Enchanted Forest—consummate with Snow White and an atrocious queen—you can check out the top performances in Calgary.

3. Quebec City


Photo by Hamit Pena on Unsplash.

With its Cobblestone Lanes, white and fluffy snowfall, some of the most prominent and celebrated architecture in Canada, this region, including its assets – of la Belle territory has a lot going on. QuebecAdabra! – a carnival that offers decorations on an extensive scale, an official German Christmas store along with a majestic light exhibit, where you can taste mulled wine and window-shop for gifts.

With 102 tracks to collect from once you’ve entered its 875-meter summit, Mont-Tremblant is worthy of its dubious eminence amongst skiers. What it’s also got in implements, however, is Christmas mood.

Quebec is a must-visit stop for the best Christmas in Canada as it is perceived by many as the most joyful position in the whole of Canada. The township itself is exploding with culture and is the perfect place to go for a town break celebration over the merry period.

Below are some of the most satisfying Christmas celebrations in Quebec:
•German Christmas Market – In the core of Old Quebec, the Christmas market recreates the European stores with its environment, elegant illustrations, range of tasty German feasts (bratwurst, gingerbread, mulled wine, and much more), Christmas presents, choral chanting, and indoor and outdoor concerts.

•Cicérone Tours – Explore traditions of Christmas history on a walking voyage with a costumed leader outfitted from the beginning times of New France.


Photo by Larry Teo on Unsplash.

•Stroll within the town – From Notre-Dame-des-Victoires Church in Place Royale to the end of Rue du Petit-Champlain, you can encounter a wintertime wonderland as the square is adorned with a variation of wondrous Christmas lights.

Every season, the striking Laurentian Mountain borough becomes an enchanting winter wonderland, with campfires glowing throughout the pedestrian-only center, and a plethora of performances including a treasure quest, lumberjack displays, conventional storytelling, and Quebecois melody and dancing.

This one has such a pure glamour to it, that even if they did nothing out of the mediocre, one could still have a remarkable Christmas in Quebec City. If you are yet to determine where to enjoy the best Christmas in Canada holiday, Quebec City will not be a regret.

4. Edmonton

The Candy Cane Lane is residence to a cozy and refreshing atmospheric mob, eight blocks in Edmonton’s West Lane, which becomes a joyful wonderland each December. At the top of its fame on weekends, before Christmas, the prominent display can commence to humongous traffic troubles, pointing to people opting to stroll instead of handling the websites to schedule horse-drawn sleigh drives.

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5. Montreal


Photo by Larry Teo on Unsplash.

Montreal, also in the French-speaking region of Quebec, is another fabulous town to appreciate over the Christmas period. You can gratify in a delightful festive meal and check out one of the vivid yearly celebrations.

If you’re looking for a stop that takes Christmas solemnly, Montreal is one unique spot to spend your holiday. It’s not confirmed to be a snow-covered Christmas, but the celebration appeal throughout the town will more than makeup for it.

Rambling around the center will guide you within illuminated storefronts and ignited roads (Avenue McGill College is not to be avoided). They even have weekly fireworks exhibits in Old Montreal named Fire on Ice.

In the Quartier des Spectacles, play outdoors on the 30 interactive seesaws with light and sound that switch when in motion in an installation known as Luminothérapie. Go ice-skating in one of the numerous open outdoor skating arenas or advance cross-country skiing right in the core of the center. You can also go ice fishing if you fancy!


Photo by Irena Carpaccio on Unsplash.

Winter markets are covered across Montreal, where you’ll be able to discover the absolute regional gift or a warm feast. Catch over 100 free musical performances while roasting marshmallows on a bonfire,outside as part of Christmas in the Park. Moreover, start your Christmas with a packed Midnight Mass at one of the many Basilicas or churches around the city.

Listed below are some of the best Christmas events in Montreal:

•Christmas in the Park – Vivid melody, rhyme, campfires, and many other Christmas performances can be observed at this big event.

•See Santa figurines at the Stewart Museum – This Christmas, the Stewart Museum has a mysterious presentation on a layout of hand-crafted Santa statuettes from US and Quebec professionals.

•Enjoy a Victorian Christmas – At the Sir George-Étienne Cartier National Historic Site, you can traverse the magnificent Victorian house and get an insight into how Christmas was admired throughout the period. There are also Christmas card making sessions you can get included in.

•Holiday Alley in Old Montreal – The Pepin Shop (Maison Pepin) enhances an alley in Old Montreal with decorations that make you reminisce Christmas. You can then skim the store for gifts to present to companions or family.

•Merry Montreal (Montreal En Fetes) – Merry Montreal bestows free pursuits in Old Montreal so that you can experience the fiesta period magic again. Get carried away with the carnival mood at Nordic Square and encounter vocal appearances, warm spots to heat up, interactive light establishments, and a sampling bar of Quebec’s most exquisite outputs.

Magical Snowfall


Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels.

Montreal is another town in Canada that is darn chilly throughout the celebration periods but still fascinating all the same, particularly Old Montreal. Aligned with memorable structures and rambling cobblestone alleys, one can experience a freezing Christmas with a display of lanterns above, dipping in the tranquillity and the elegance. So, if you’re a history enthusiast and want to escape the hustle and bustle of metropolis life, tour Montreal!

6. Niagara Falls


Photo by James Wheeler from Pexels.

How do you create one of Canada’s most awe-inspiring general wonders even more majestic? A magnificent light display, of course! Niagara Falls is one of the most sought-after areas to tour any time of the year, and this iconic fall is also a fabulous destination to travel to over the joyful season.

There are nightly fireworks over Christmas, and these spectacularly lighten up the Falls, but it’s the snow-covered Niagara that is a display to behold as it sets you in the merry mood.

Below are some of the most significant Christmas events in Niagara Falls:

•Winter Festival of Lights – The unimaginable light exhibits seize the charm of the festival period, and the signature 8km extended course progresses within the Niagara Parks, Dufferin Islands, and the encompassing sightseer areas to modify the city into a winter wonderland.

•Skylon Tower radiates red for Christmas – In recognition of Christmas Day, the column will shine red. The brilliant display is a fabulous spot to tour in the build-up to the momentous day as you can relish some fabulous Christmas food over the merry time while getting unique scenes of Niagara Falls.

•Visit the Nightmares Fear Factory – If you fancy Christmas works like Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, then there will be plenty of spirits and other scary stuff linked to Christmas that you can gaze at the Nightmares Fear Factory over the joyful period. The Nightmares Fear Factory is a subconscious haunted residence and is the most traditional attraction of its sort in North America.

•Santa Claus Parade – Santa Claus is arriving in the borough! You can attend marching troops as part of the ceremony and even meet Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Niagara Falls City Hall for a meet and greet, face art, and energetic performance.

The already grand Niagara Falls is executed even more so throughout the city’s yearly Winter Festival of Lights, which strings about more than 3 million lights everywhere in the town. This constitutes the world’s most comprehensive Canadian/American bright flag.

Weekly fireworks over the Falls for the term of the carnival treat visitors to an awe-inspiring landscape, and numerous other pleasant occasions like song-and-dance, shopping exhibitions, and gigs can keep them hustling.

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7. Dawson City


Photo by Candid Shots from Pexels.

Another place to spend the best Christmas vacation in Canada is Dawson City. A boat ceremony takes place here nearby Christmas, and one can be a member of this fascinating culture if they are in Dawson City for a holiday.

Winter times are long-drawn, chilly, and gloomy in Canada’s subarctic. Still, in the previous gold rush town of Dawson City, Yukon—house to the shelters of Robert Service and Jack London, and all of it a federal park—the tough locals light up the holidays with a bizarre “flotilla.”

The locals adorn their boats, and the ceremony is quite a view. Hauling riverboats strung with lanterns and enhancements, residents travel through town in a boat parade, escorted by snowmobiles, quads, canoes, and police cruisers. And sometimes—on one of the most long-drawn nights of the year—the northern lights supplement the show, swaying in the sky overhead. Enchanting!

8. Ottawa


Photo by Elly Fairytale from Pexels.

Beginning with an illumination ceremony in early December, the nation’s capital bathes the Parliament Buildings in dramatic lights with the prime minister often flipping the switch himself. Ottawa is the absolute town to roam around and admire the festive period as you can put on any skates and traverse the downtown through the Rideau Canal.

Some of the most successful and the best Christmas celebrations in Ottawa are as follows:

•Byward Market – A beloved carnival destination by many is the Byward Market, which is decorated by thousands of lights, and you can peruse the numerous market stalls trading Christmas trees, bouquets, maple syrup, and hand-carved present ideas. On the weekends, you can even experience a complimentary horse-drawn carriage trip around the fair.

•Parliament Hill – Seize a beavertail patisserie and warm chocolate and head to Parliament Hill where, each night over the celebrations, a winter multimedia lightscape will be pitched onto Parliament’s Centre Block. It is a novel and pleasant appearance you don’t want to avoid!

•Alight at Night at Upper Canada Village – Another must-see vacation display in the Ottawa area is Alight at Night at Upper Canada Village. Go back in the era and encounter Christmas as it once was with thousands of colorful lanterns, visits with St. Nicholas, carollers in the ancient chapel, a subway journey, and tasty carnival treats.


Image by Abby Kihano from Pexels.

This formal ceremony is accompanied by a month of glistening elegance everywhere the town, where Parliament Hill and more than 60 displays, including the Confederation Boulevard, are drenched in attractive brilliant arrangements.

9. Saskatoon

There is no more immeasurable site to be a child than in Saskatoon throughout Christmas. There are several more significant boosts than being a child at Christmas, especially if you inhabit Saskatoon. It’s the classic blend for a mysterious Christmas!

Grown-ups will also enjoy the burgeoning cuisine scene in this “Paris of the Prairies.” This is why Saskatoon is Canada’s subsequent renowned culinary destination.

10. Vancouver


Photo by Mihai Vlasceanu from Pexels.

One unusual spot to rejoice the best Christmas in Canada is Vancouver. If you are fortunate enough to be spending time in the town over the joyful period, then you’ll be thrilled to attend the city’s generosity of Christmas lights, fairs, and performances against the backdrop of the dazzling Coast Mountain Range.

A bunch of events happens in the town throughout this period of the year! After this are few of the most awesome Christmas celebrations in Vancouver:

•Stanley Park – The square enhances the mini North Pole as you can bounce on the little Christmas train and be astounded by the merry lights (expected to be above one million).

•Vancouver Santa Claus Parade – With exhibits, marching bands, and, of course, Santa, it is an unmissable occasion. The yearly ritual draws more than 300,000 people and persists for around two hours as it progresses through the downtown.

Mark your schedules! The initial Sunday in December is the endorsed date of the TELUS offers the Vancouver Santa Claus Parade. The ceremony is the most magnificent Christmas display observed in Western Canada.

In the spirit of offering, the autonomous, family-fun celebration is also one of the most considerable foods and fundraising functions for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and the CKNW Kids’ Fund. It’s the classic kick-off to the festival period!

•Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge Park – The Capilano Suspension Bridge Park is an iconic display any course of the year but, with it draped in Christmas lights, the platform becomes even more of an Insta-worthy snap.

•Watch the Nutcracker – Can it be Christmastime without Tchaikovsky’s The Nutcracker? Arguably the most important ballet of all time, it is a Christmas ritual and is conducted at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in Vancouver.

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11. Simcoe

If you are thinking of a trip to Canada for the best Christmas with family and children, then Simcoe in Ontario is a sumptuous borough to be in for the celebration. Christmas vibes transform this borough into a glinting wonderland, and what would be a greater Christmas for children, then a wonderful site enveloped in attractive lights.

12. Airdrie

Airdrie is another exceptional place to glorify the best Christmas in Canada. The highlight here is the Airdrie Festival of Lights, which is a dazzling carnival that holds a place in December here. This is an annual gala taking place from December 1st to 31st and emphasizes Christmas lights and details.


Photo by Luis Fernandes from Pexels.

You can ramble through the immersive lightings (or use one of three small train rides for a toonie), and appreciate campfires, an extraordinary variety of food trucks, and skating on Nose Creek Pond.

13. Victoria


Photo by sergio souza from Pexels.

Christmas is one of the most enjoyable times to tour Victoria in Canada. The center is full of celebrations and the best Christmas vibes in Canada. One can take a stroll along Inner Harbour or shop at the artistic cobblestone lanes.

Drink on Christmas cocktails and rejoice with your folks at the dazzling yet Christmas intimate pubs of Victoria. Some sites welcome Christmas with the corresponding passion as British Columbia’s capital, which provides the top of its government with thousands of lights for the celebrations.


Photo by VisionPic .net from Pexels.

Nearby, at the newly refurbished Fairmont Empress—one of the most extraordinary buildings in the borough (it’s treated established leaders on various moments)—you can fancy s’ mores out on the porch.

And don’t avoid the month-long Gingerbread Showcase at the luxurious Parkside Hotel and Spa—a philanthropic event profiting Habitat Victoria, which draws novice and trained confectioners synchronically with very cheerful outcomes.

14. Newfoundland

What’s more enjoyable than a Santa Claus parade? Two, of course. This tiny Newfoundland town on the Avalon Peninsula treats a yearly Festival of Lights that incorporates the most comprehensive Nativity display east of Montreal, the province’s premier intelligent light square, fireworks, sing-alongs, and, indeed, two parades—one during the broad daylight and another for all the nocturnal birds out there.

15. Almonte

Almonte is a gorgeous little borough in Ontario which converts into a winter wonderland nearby Christmas. A beautiful spot to tour all year round, Christmas draws out the enchantment and charm of this site.

With chic cafes to relax and drink decoction, the borough resembles a classic film set. So, if you are looking for an Instagrammable and the best Christmas in Canada, then the aforementioned is where you should travel to.

Just like clockwork, they arrive every carnival period—those kitschy, homey, made-for-TV Christmas films. Foreseen as their feel-good plots might be, we eat them up year after year, curled up on the couch with a comfy cover and a piping mug of hot chocolate.

Where does Almonte, Ontario, click into this treasured vacation custom? Believe it or not, this picture-perfect borough merely southwest of Ottawa has labored as the filming spot for many festive flicks, including The Rooftop Christmas Tree and Christmas Festival of Ice.

Hop into your Hallmark-worthy Christmas time wonderland by voyaging its impossibly elegant roads and spectacular falls. If you can, plan your holiday for the first Friday of December: the town’s inhabitants multiplies for the downtown’s yearly “Light Up the Night” celebrations. Plus, the townsfolk are among the most generous in Canada.

16. St. John’s

The Christmas mood starts early in St. John’s, and various exhibitions take place hither around the holiday.

One such attraction is the Mummers Festival, which is both unique and entertaining. Newfoundlanders throughout this celebration, costume in masks from head to toe, and after their identity is obscure; they go out to versify and swing.


Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels.

This fun and celebratory ritual last on in the Newfoundland capital with the best yearly Christmas celebration, perfect with seminars and a significant demonstration that showcases these rustic costumes.

This is one before-mentioned ritual that takes place here, and you can be a part of more if you plan to glorify the best possible Christmas at St. John’s in Canada.

17. Mont Tremblant

A Christmas holiday in Canada can’t be more immeasurable than the one at Mont Tremblant. It is a metropolis that has a plethora of pursuits for its guests.

Other than Christmas enchantment, there are so many winter activities that one can enjoy here. Skiing and horse sledding are two exciting activities to do in Mont Tremblant in Canada.

the best christmas in canada

Photo by Şahin Sezer Dinçer from Pexels.

Now, you know how to spend the best Christmas possible! With this surplus of possibilities at your end, you can pick your style of commemorating the best Christmas in Canada. In this multicultural nation, you will surely discover something that floats your boat, and you might quickly assume one of the most satisfying celebration seasons of your life!

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