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iGaming Ontario’s Impact at Canadian Gaming Summit

Positive news emerged from this year’s Canadian Gaming Summit that took place from June 13-15. The event began with an announcement from iGaming Ontario about the positive impact on the local economy backed by a Deloitte report.

Attendees at the Summit went on to discuss the personalization of the customer experience at regulated casinos in Ontario, where the importance of optimizing the experience and safety of players is recognized. This discussion included a ‘Managing player risk through tech’ panel moderated by Bill Pascrell III, Partner of Princeton Public Affairs Group. This panel looked at how data can be used to protect and empower people playing at online casinos in Ontario.

How data protects players at online casinos

During the ‘Managing player risk through tech’ panel, Paul Foster, CEO of Crucial Compliance, talked about how the latest technology is helping the industry with consumer protection. He explained how everything revolves around the collection and use of data. This is a concept that is common across industries and is vital to establishing customer patterns and behaviours in the online casino sector in order to personalize the player experience.

Protecting players is a major reason for collecting and using this data. Foster explained the need to look for markers of harm which are usually player behaviour changes. When behaviour changes, it’s the responsibility of the provider to interact with them and ensure they are not coming to any harm while playing.

Other industry experts joined the panel discussion. Mary Donohue, CEO of Digital Wellness Center, spoke about the importance of stimulating and incentivizing players and rewarding good behaviour versus bad behaviour. Rasmus Kjaergaard, CEO of Mindway AI, talked about the task of attempting to use AI to individualize behavioural patterns. He explained how AI has the power to help with this in a jurisdiction where there are around two million active players each day and stated that the software developed by his company is 87% accurate in detecting problem gambling.

Bo Gray, Co-Founder of Wager Score, went on to discuss affordability checks. He spoke about how his business analyzes player behaviour and identifies when there may be issues with players affording their bets. When a problem is identified, a discussion takes place with the player, showing them why they should take a break rather than instructing them.

The use of data collection technology to personalize protection for players is excellent news for the Ontario online casino industry.

More good news from the Deloitte report

The discussion around data collection technology was just one positive feature of the Canadian Gaming Summit. Another major highlight of the event was the announcement of the impact the online casino industry has had on the economies of Ontario and Canada.

This impact amounted to CAD$1,54 billion, with CAD$900 million taking the form of wages, according to a report by Deloitte. Also included was the fact that almost 12,000 jobs have been created by the industry. Plus, Deloitte predicts that the positive economic impact will continue. The company’s Year 10 Potential Economic Contributions of Ontario’s Regulated iGaming Market prediction is that the total contribution will be CAD$4.73 billion in GDP and 22,132 jobs. This is good news for the future of the online casino industry in Ontario.

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