Immigrants To Canada Aged Below 22 At An Advantage

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Icy Canada TeamMay 3, 2020
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Canada is one of the most popular destinations for immigrants worldwide. Not only does it have immigrant-friendly policies, but it also one of the fastest growing countries globally.

More and more people are beginning to eye Canada as a hub for young professionals now that the US visa policies are undergoing so many changes.

This recent development will only increase Canada’s popularity among the younger generation. If you are below 22 years of age and want to immigrate to Canada, you will be at an advantage. Starting from 24th October 2017, Canadian Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship began considering them as dependents. This rule will be valid for all the immigration programs it offers. The change also accommodates migrants and economic programs.

For the last three years, only children who were aged nineteen and below had been given the privilege of being dependents for immigration programs. In the current scenario, anyone below the age of twenty-two can have this upper hand. In certain exceptional cases, the country is ready to consider people above twenty-two as dependents as well.

The higher age limit is expected to affect both the culture and the economy of the country in a positive manner. More and more skilled migrants who want to stay with their family will flock to Canada.

Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Immigration in Canada, expects that this move will unite more families while helping Canada progress economically.

4 Best Countries for Immigration for Indians

Many Indians have migrated all over the world for better job opportunities and lifestyles. The trend is growing even more right now because of a lack of opportunities back home in India. Moving out of your home country is a daunting task because you are ready to stop everything and begin a new life in a foreign place.


If you are an Indian, you must consider these four countries for immigration and settling:

1. Italy

It might surprise you but over 130,000 Indian immigrants live in Italy. Engineering, medicine, hospitality, and food are top four professions in which you will see Indians performing really well in Italy. Indians living in Italy have sent back a total of $600 million to family until now.

2. Singapore

Singapore has a total of 150,000 Indian immigrants. It is the easiest country for Indians to immigrate. There are excellent job opportunities and very little unemployment rate. Indian expats have sent around $889 million until now to families back home. Cost of living is considerably low in Singapore, which has attracted thousands of Indians to the island nation.

3. Canada

Canada has always been a hot favorite among Indians as work visa and permanent residency rules are very simple. There are over 621,469 Indian origin nationals staying in Canada. The government is immigrant friendly and Canada is the perfect country to raise a family. Indian immigrants living in Canada have sent around $2913 million back home until now.

4. United Arab Emirates

The high number of Indian origin nationals stay in the United Arab Emirates, totally to 3.5 million. The culture and environment is very similar to that of India which people find it easy to adjust. Indians living in the UAE have sent back around $13745 million to their families at home. Finance and management are the top professions in the UAE.

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