Immigration Jobs Near Me: How Immigration Will Give locals more Jobs

Senator Jon Tester from Montana seems to understand what his people want. When it comes to helping his people, the senator is never behind. People from Montana has always wanted to reduce the number of immigrants in the US State. If you are looking for immigration jobs near me, here is an interesting statistic-  around six out of 10 people want to cut legal immigration into half.

Immigration Jobs Near Me

This isn’t the first time the senator has listened to his people. In 2015, the senator voted against the Trade Promotion Authority bill, that was formulated by the then-President Barack Obama. According to the bill, the government was allowed to increase immigration levels without the consent of Congress. Later in the same year, Tester voted against the Omnibus Spending bill that allowed higher number of foreign guest workers in the US. With more immigration jobs near me, it shouldn’t be a worry in the future. And we will take a look why.


And this time around voters think that Senator Tester will support the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy Act (RAISE). This act will reduce the number of lifetime work and US green card given to immigrants by half.


Immigration Jobs Near Me: How Eliminating The Visa Lottery Can Help

If the bill becomes the act, it will eliminate the visa lottery that randomly allots 50,000 green cards to foreigners. Since skills aren’t taken into consideration, most of the times these lottery winners are unskilled and do jobs that Americans can do themselves. The RAISE immigration system will be very similar to Canada’s. Highly skilled workers are preferred above the ones who aren’t that skilled.


The act will be cutting the number of people who can come with the US green card holder to America like his wife and dependent children. The older law allows elderly parents, siblings, and independent children on the person’s green card. With immigration jobs near me, it’s a win win for everyone. Locals get to have more people into the economy doing jobs that nobody else is doing. Natives and citizens, on the other hand, can have better access to all that they love.


People of Montana agree that the old system is based on nepotism and doesn’t make sense. Many Americans feel that greater emphasis should be given to the candidate’s application and skills rather than randomly choosing them.

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