Immigration to Nova Scotia Hits Record Levels

Immigration to Nova Scotia Hits Record Levels 1

Immigration to Nova Scotia

An immigration report, which was released this week by the Government of Nova Scotia, has shown that the past year saw the highest figures yet for immigration to Nova Scotia.

immigration to nova scotia

Last year some 3,403 people settled permanently in the province, and this year alone, there were 3,418 in the first half of the year. Over a 1,000 of these new residents are Syrian refugees. The Nova Scotia Nominee Programme (NSNP) allows prospective immigrants to choose which province they want to settle in. Nova Scotia was the first of the Canadian provinces to align their programme with the Express Entry selection system, and they have increased the immigration to Nova Scotia.

Immigration to Nova Scotia on The Rise

The province has attracted many immigrant families who want to start a new life in Canada, with over 74% of the people deciding to stay permanently in the province. Between 2011-15 overseas workers came from countries as diverse as India, China, the Philippines, Israel, the UK, Egypt, and Iran, in a bid to start a new life overseas. The NSNP offers options for immigration to Nova Scotia for students, graduates, and highly skilled workers as well as entrepreneurs.

Nova Scotia has become a popular destination for foreign students due to its many good universities and its lifestyle as well as the economic benefits of their being many jobs for educated and skilled workers. The province and Canada, in general, have been very generous in welcoming immigrants in a bid to fill jobs and increase diversity in the country.

This makes Canada a very popular place in which to study or apply for jobs. The relaxed atmosphere, friendly people and healthy lifestyle for families contributes greatly to the attraction that Canada has for overseas workers and their families to seek out help from immigration specialists to take the next step towards emigrating to Canada.


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