Immigration to UK 2015: High Rate Of Residency Permits

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Icy Canada TeamJuly 27, 2021
Updated 2023/08/28 at 5:54 AM
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Immigration To UK 2015 Due To High Rate Of Giving Residency Permits

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Immigration to UK 2015 was the highest due to the United Kingdom issuing more permanent residency permits than any other country within the European Union. A report by the EU’s statistical information gatherer, Eurostat, found that 633,017 people from outside the European Union moved to the UK to live, about 25% of the total of 2.6 million permits issued within Europe a whole, thus making it the highest.

Poland was second in giving out residency permits with 541,000, followed by France and Germany, 226,000 and 194,000 respectively.

Reasons for Immigration to UK 2015 being the highest:

Immigration to UK 2015 turned out to be the highest because Great Britain was the favorite destination for non-EU nationals to study, with 229,097 study visas being given out, which makes up 43% of student visas given out across the continent. Another reason for Immigration to UK 2015 being the highest was international students drawn to the UK due to the wealth of great universities and diverse courses across England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland. Be it one of the older universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow, and LSE or modern universities, all of which make a great increase in immigration to UK 2015 so obvious.

Regarding permits given by ratio across European countries, Malta gave out the most, with 23.1 per 1000 residents, then Cyprus at 18.4 per 1000 residents, followed by Poland and Sweden.

These statistics on the immigration to UKĀ 2015 show that despite immigration being such a hot topic post Brexit, there are still large numbers of people from outside the European Union applying for and being given residency or student visas to live, study and work in the United Kingdom. The majority of residency permits given out by the UK went to American citizens, estimated at around 201,000. A further 80 724 went to Chinese citizens, and 71,651 to people from India. Immigration to UK 2015 is due to the international students who bring much-needed revenue to British universities and colleges and also fulfill important roles upon graduation, particularly in health and social care. Another major reason for immigration to UK 2015 is the many start-up businesses within Britain started by non-UK natives, which benefit the economy and provide jobs for local people. Suppose you are thinking of studying or working in Great Britain. In that case, Career Overseas can help with everything from helping you apply for the correct visa to picking the perfect university course so that your move to the UK gets off to the best possible start.

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