Incredible Places To Visit Near The Cobourg Beach

Cobourg Beach is appreciated for its beach – although there are two shores. There is the famous, refined Beach nearby to Victoria Park that’s called “Victoria Beach” and the West seashore that’s been left unaffected.

That’s where all the guests progress and where everything happens. There are Volleyball matches; on one weekend, there’s a sandcastle contest, and on each warm weekend, you can sign the company’s sure.

Note About Lake Levels.

In recent years (2017 and 2019), Lake Ontario’s level was much more distinguished than typical occurring in the beach being swamped at times and therefore contained in its area.

But due to a lot of dredging in the dock, an extra foot or so of gravel was added to the seaside, so by the long season (mid-June), the complete beach was in use and accessible.

It’s assumed that levels may be soaring again in future years, and although that’s a concern for property buyers with lakefronts, it will not be an obstacle for the shore.


The Beach summer with lifeguards on the charge is from the last week of June to Labour Day.


The beach is pretty scattered and the water depthless; there is currently a very traditional trailer park nearby to the seashore; there are washrooms and a restaurant for food; there is a water playground for children and a park for youngsters.

A mat out to give wheelchair access to the water. There are free children’s movies in the park behind the beach on three summers Saturdays. Parking is not free, and you may even have to walk a little on a busy day.

In extension to Blue Flag certification n, Victoria Beach uses a green flag to show that it is protected to swim and a red flag to symbolize that lifeguards are not in charge.

Cobourg Beach Rules

Photo by Will Langenberg on Unsplash.

Council has enacted bylaws that prevent numerous things on the beach. As well as no booze, some laws say:

  • No smoking on the seaside (presumably not expected if no-one opposes)
  • No person is allowed between 11:00 pm, and 7:00 am – (not enforced if no-one complains)
  • No Grills on the beach
  • No puppies, kittens, or other domestic pets.
  • No Tents with sides


Cobourg Beach preserves its small-town atmosphere due to the center and encompassing the private area’s spot as a Heritage Conservation District.

The center is a well-preserved sample of a conventional small-town central street. Victoria Hall, the town hall developed in 1860, is a National Historic Site of Canada.

The most spectacular building in the town is the Sifton Cook Heritage Centre and managed by the Cobourg Beach Museum Foundation.

Cobourg Beach has many playgrounds. The Cobourg Waterfront Festival, endured in Victoria Park and the nearby seashore and harbor, is a year-long arts and crafts competition occurring on Canada Day.

It was set up in 1987 as part of the town’s sesquicentennial celebrations. It was considered by the Art Gallery of Northumberland’s previous Director/Curator Peter Tulumello and previous Concert Hall Manager Mark Finnan.

Cobourg’s most traditional annual event, the Cobourg Highland Games, was commenced in 1963 in Donegan Park by Dave Carr to commemorate its Scottish culture. The event was introduced to Victoria Park in 2013, where it extends each June.

Cobourg’s beach, Victoria Park Beach, a place for volleyball tournaments, competitions, beach days, group picnics, and other functions.

The beach is furnished with a park area for eating, a splash park, a playground set, neighborhood eateries, and a dock. There are lifeguards on duty a few days, and it is secured to swim and engage in.

Close to the downtown, travelers can shop in neighborhood stores and dine out at many of Cobourg Beach’s eateries. Cobourg Beach is home to the Port Hope Drive-In, Canada’s most beloved drive-in.

1. Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre

The Sifton-Cook Heritage Centre was first inaugurated in 2012 in what may be Cobourg’s most magnificent building. Displays, videos, and an operating 250ft Model Railway tell the story of our Town’s history.

Their contemporary exhibition is a retrospective of the past 8 years, including Sports, Transportation, Built Heritage, and others. The Centre is established at Durham & Orr Streets, just 3 blocks west of well-known Victoria Hall.

Their season will conclude on Canadian Thanksgiving, and until then, they are permitted Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. There is no cost for entrance!

Where? 141 Orr St, Cobourg Beach, Ontario K9A 0J6 Canada

2. Art Gallery Of Northumberland – Cobourg

The command of the Art Gallery of Northumberland is to advance and allow entrance to art and related conferences as a neighborhood museum for the entertainment and knowledge of the people of Northumberland County.

They survive to assist all of Northumberland County as a known gallery. They offer intellectually exciting displays and programming and secure a potent combination of visual arts.

Along with displays, they satisfy their mandate through cultural projects that promote ongoing discussion between the Gallery audience and the visual arts, including speeches, movies, seminars, artist talks, and trips.

Student educational records are presented both in the Gallery and in the classroom. Unique programs for secondary school students have been revealed in collaboration with neighborhood institutions and scholars.

Where? 55 King St W West Wing, Third Floor, wheelchair accessible., Cobourg Beach, Ontario K9A 2M2 Canada

3. St. Peter’s Anglican Church

A welcoming appearance always welcomes the guests at the front desk, and the directional symbols, along with the digital director at the first desk, make it simple to find places.

The church has a pleasant “feel” to it; the past can be explored in the halls. There is always something going on here, soup club, clothing sales, choreography classes, etc.

Where? 240 College St, Cobourg Beach, Ontario 905-372-3442 Canada

4. William Street Beer Co.

Northumberland County’s personal Craft Brewing destination is the William Street Beer Co.

Join them at the Cobourg Beach Brewery and Tap Room for sampling retreats, artisan food articles, and Live Music on Thursdays and Saturdays. All of these are available with a front-row position to their generation facilities.

Where? 975 Elgin Street West Unit 4, Cobourg Beach, Ontario K9A 5J3 Canada

5. The Concert Hall At Victoria Hall

The Concert Hall at Victoria Hall is a multipurpose facility accessible for rent for functions, including gigs, live theatre productions, corporate conferences and workshops, speeches, presentations, matrimonies, parties, and encounters.

The Concert Hall has been fully renovated to its Grand Ballroom glory with full convenience.

Where? 55 King St W, Cobourg Beach, Ontario K9A 2M2 Canada

6. The Loft Cinema

The Loft Cinema is midtown, second-story, soft-seat, a boutique amphitheater with a center on energetic harmony and arthouse movie.

They specialize in documentaries and autonomous movies. Live performances are present outstanding performers in an informal setting.

Art-house? 201 Division St Over Craft Food House, Cobourg Beach, Ontario K9A 3P6 Canada

7. Richard Martin Workshops

Explore Creativity. Visualize yourself in a place where you can exist photography virtually free from the madness of the external world.

Picture pampering yourself in an atmosphere where the focus is on you and your snap shooting, with all the liberty to play, research, and be adventuresome.

The workshop experience can present that event through a diversity of programs intended to develop talents, encourage, explore unique ideas, and deal with photography’s inventive manner.

Where? 420 Division St The Woodlawn Inn, Cobourg, Ontario K9A 3R9 Canada

8. Fieldstone Spa

A country day spa established within an 1800s farmhouse set amongst 50 acres in the rolling mountains of Northumberland County.

Serves a comprehensive array of body care services using Eminence Organic skincare stocks. It’s deeper than just a spa … It’s a tranquil activity.

Where? 8488 Smylie Rd, Cobourg Beach, Ontario K9A 4J7 Canada

Find the best vacation spots for you in Southern Ontario by checking out this elite selection of getaways near Cobourg!

Nestled along the northerly border of Lake Ontario, this enchanting city is ideal for encompassing everything Northumberland County has to contribute.

From fishing at nearby Rice Lake to canoeing the Ganaraska River, events to unite with nature and use in open-air activities are almost countless when you opt to linger at one of these isolated holiday rentals near Cobourg, Canada.

Take a glimpse at the lakefront vacation cottages, eco-friendly cabin rentals, and other extravagance hotels below, and kick-start your glam camping adventure right away!

1. Bright Tiny House

This miniature house near Belleville, Ontario, is truly unparalleled and will impress visitors. The sparkling red tiny house presents all the requirements required for a comfortable glamping getaway and can serve two guests.

A designer outlined and developed this residence and is 10 x 10 feet in size. The gorgeous windowpanes and beautiful seating area on the lower level are distinguished for cozying up with a great book. Upstairs is a pleasant sleeping space fit for two persons.

Glampers will even have a toaster oven, a hotplate, and a microwave for making up some delicious meals. There is an outhouse with an open-air sink and open-air shower facility a quick walk away.

This property is landed on a height, and visitors are welcome to invite a toasty fire for s’ mores, barbecue up some camping picks, lounge on the deck space, and explore the acres of walking trails through the forest.

Glampers can stay united whilst on their getaway service of the free Wi-Fi, and devices can be energized with the power inside the house. There is also heating to guarantee satisfaction on cooler nights.

The spacious open-air floor is ideal for getting some sunshine or experiencing some pleasant barbecue snacks. The miniature house also has a microwave, a toaster oven, and a hot plate for cooking indoors. Linens are graciously presented, and there is parking.

2. Forest Cabin Getaway

This off-grid wood cottage is positioned in Grafton, Ontario, near the west beach and can serve four guests. The area is studio-style, and there is one complete bathroom.

For sleeping, glampers can pick from a delightful queen-size bed, a sofa bed, and a floor mattress. The bathroom is outdoor, with a wooden outhouse and an outdoor shower. Linens and sheets are provided.

In the living space, visitors will find a beautiful wood-burning stove, a plush sofa, and a table with chairs. There is also an open-air canteen area with a bowl and a refrigerator.

Other conveniences combine Wi-Fi and warming. The cabin opens up onto a beautiful deck with rustic furniture, along with a beautiful forested lot.

Glampers are honored to use the grill and fire pit and travel the fifty acres of land, incorporating a Zen garden and hiking paths.

Visitors of this attractive rental will enjoy free Wi-Fi, heating, and a cozy wood-burning stove. The property comprises fifty private acres, including experienced hammocks, a zen garden, hiking tracks, and outhouses. Glampers can also use the grill and the open-air shower.

3. Bright And Inviting Suite Rental

This impressive suite rental can be in a bed-and-breakfast, just a slight distance from Bowmanville, Ontario. The suite is excellent for couples as it is fitted with a queen-size bed draped in graceful lines.

The bedroom flaunts huge windowpanes that disregard the backwoods. There is also a separate bed in the room that can relax an additional guest for a supplementary fee.

Incorporated in the rate, visitors can experience a gourmet continental breakfast every morning. This is served in the common dining area in the property.

Clients will also have admittance to the shared kitchen, where they will find everything required to cook up a storm. There is also an active area where visitors can unwind and appreciate talking with other glampers.

Outside, the beautiful back deck is open to all customers and makes a pleasant spot to observe the sun go down. Incorporated in the booking fee, visitors can appreciate a pleasant, self-serve breakfast every morning.

The owners’ present free-range eggs, fruits, cereals, and more. The hosts also provide all linens and sheets for guests’ satisfaction.

Outside, there is a double-deck and a lovely front balcony for turning up with a book. Parking is accessible. There is even a waterfront area.

This is a must-visit place for travelers! So take those days off and explore this amazing beach closure ASAP 🙂

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