Indians Immigrants Can’t Give Up On H-1B Visa So Easily

Indians Immigrants Can't Give Up On H-1B Visa So Easily 1

For years, Indians have had a strong part in improving the United States of America’s economy. The Indian information technology industry in the US is at a very crucial point. Despite President Trump making promises of severe changes in the immigration policies, the people’s outlook towards Indian tech companies hasn’t changed much when it comes to the h1b visa.

H1b Visa and Indian Immigrants

Indian tech companies need to lobby harder. Peter Bendor-Samuel, CEO, Everest Group, said that Indian firms aren’t well-positioned in the lobby. Even after years, they aren’t recognised by the US government. They aren’t able to influence the government with their abilities. H-1B visa system was the centre of Trump’s presidential campaign. His slogan – Make America Great Again talked about changing the existing H-1B visa system.

H-1B visa program isn’t the most favored and easiest way to send Indian software engineers to the US. The Indian tech industry in the US has received a profit of $155 billion by sending people to the US. Trump believes strongly that companies are misusing the program and bringing people to do jobs that any average American can do very well.

H1b visa

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Lack of contact with the US government wasn’t an issue earlier

The Indian tech industry in the US never faced the issue of not having contacts in the US government earlier. But are definitely regretting it currently. All US tech industries always kept close ties with the government. And that is clearly benefitting them currently.

India’s Union Minister of Commerce and Industry, Suresh Prabhu, said that India has very strongly raised the issue about with the US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson. The change of H-1B system won’t change anything for big companies like Google and Facebook. Everything will change for companies that outsource talent at minimum costs. Indian immigrants do complain for being underpaid because that is still a lot more for them than what they would get back home in their country.


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