Innovative Variants of Classic Games to Try in 2022

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Icy Canada TeamJune 3, 2022
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Variety is the spice of life, so they say, and even our favorite sources of entertainment can become dull or routine if we never shake things up a bit. Games are no different but fortunately, most games of all ilks can easily be adapted to incorporate variations that not only make the experience of playing novel and interesting once more but also task with us a fresh challenge. 

Below we’re going to be taking a look at some of the most innovative and surprising variants of well-known games out there today. Give these a spin if you’re ever in need of a break from convention as each game here responds to its core format in exciting and fresh ways.

Lightning Roulette

The classic game of roulette has always had an innovative streak, dating back to its iconic spinning wheel’s origin as a failed perpetual motion device cooked up by the Parisian inventor Blaise Pascal. In keeping with this dynamic tradition, the lightning roulette online casino game serves up this classic title with a live dealer, art déco aesthetic, and a few electrifying extras to boot. 

As the name suggests, this version of roulette is a high-voltage affair – watch out, as with every spin, up to 5 lucky numbers will get struck by lightning. This shocking event results in a multiplier value of between 50x and 500x being applied to the number’s segment making for an intensely dynamic and fresh gameplay experience.


Trends come and go online with dizzying rapidity nowadays. It was only back in January that Welsh programmer Josh Wardle’s humble puzzle Wordle became an overnight viral sensation. The simple yet compelling gameplay mechanic underlying this modern classic is inspired, and its once-per-day format ensured people kept tuning in to participate in the public effort to crack its latest mystery word. 

Of course, all of this is not to suggest that Wordle has gone anywhere – after being snapped up by the NY Times for an undisclosed 7-figure sum, the future of the game looks safe and sound. Yet as is the nature of trends, the conversation steadily moved on from the Wordle-mania of the spring. 

Fortunately for puzzle fans, the popularity of Wordle has led to the rise of a whole wave of new and revived word riddles cut from the same cloth. For those looking for something new in the “Wordle-sphere”, we recommend checking out Letterpress. This truly unique title combines the brain-teasing challenges of Wordle with territorial control elements such as those you can find in the board game Go. 

As you guess letters on your way to filling out your word, you effectively box your opponent in. The direct competitive, 2-player thrill of this title makes it unique and rewards strategic thinking and quick response times.

Blitz Chess

Chess has consistently been popular for thousands of years in various forms. Part of the reason for its long-lived success is its ability to adapt and evolve in response to new times and places. Nowadays chess has acquired a (not entirely undeserving) reputation as being a relatively ponderous game. 

That is, of course, the opinion of those who don’t appreciate the finer points of its deep strategy and intricate gameplay. Though a new variant of the game has been growing increasingly popular in recent years and may demonstrate that chess is once again undergoing metamorphosis to better fit its surroundings. 

Blitz chess, also known as speed chess, refers to a family of variants of this game that incorporates speed as a pivotal element in the experience. Whereas in classic chess players can take their time when assessing their next move, blitz chess rewards speed and thinking on your feet. This makes it a more enjoyable game to both watch and, arguably, play. Try it out if you’re in the mood to up the tempo!

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