IMF Report 2018 Immigration Makes People Richer

IMF Report 2018 Immigration Makes People Richer 1

An International Monetary Fund Report 2018 States That Immigration Benefits Everyone

international monetary fund report 2018

A recent study has shown that immigration into wealthy countries actually makes everyone richer. According to the International Monetary Fund report 2018, if people are trading within the same economy then that has been shown to have economic benefits for everyone, from the customer to the entrepreneur and the national economy.

Over the long-term foreign workers, whether they are highly skilled or are low skilled will benefit their new country by bringing in income. The International Monetary Fund report 2018 states that low skilled workers will fill positions and allow native-born people to work in higher skilled employment.

Highly skilled foreign workers bring expertise and a diversity of talent, as well as different cultural experiences. Immigration increases labor productivity; it raises the GDP per capita and thus benefits the entire country according to the International Monetary Fund report 2018.

Issues stated by the International Monetary Fund Report 2018:

There may be some issues around immigrants fitting into the culture of their adopted country while being able to keep their own culture intact, and the language difference has to be overcome to truly settle into a new country, and feel a part of it.

But according to the International Monetary Fund report 2018, the economics of immigration makes everyone wealthier. Even if immigrants are seen to take jobs from native workers, immigrants create jobs and are twice as likely to start a new business as native workers.

Also, immigrants come to a country with their own needs and desires, which goes on to create business opportunities for other people, be it in food supply or clothing, or even in a need for religious and cultural buildings, which are built locally thus enhancing the economy and job market in that area.

According to the International Monetary Fund report 2018, Immigrants themselves benefit from living and working in another country, otherwise, they would not make the effort to uproot from their native country and make the long journey, both physically and emotionally to a new life in a new land.

With economic benefits comes increased spending on goods and services such as houses, cars, food, clothing etc. that again benefits the community financially. It is clear to see that the economics of migration shows that the more immigration there is, the merrier for all. Thus what we take from the International Monetary Fund report 2018 is, Immigration should be embraced not feared.

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