International Monetary Fund Report 2018 Slams Brexit Policy

International Monetary Fund Report 2018 Slams Brexit Policy 1

New International Monetary Fund Report 2018 Equates Immigration with Economic Growth

international monetary fund report 2018


A recent report by the international monetary fund(IMF) has found that immigration benefits the economy, with a 1% increase in the immigrant population equating with 2% of GDP growth, due to increased efficiency in the workforce.

According to the international monetary fund report 2018, the Brexit stance on immigration is to restrict the numbers of people from other countries moving to the UK. Amber Rudd, the UK Home Secretary has said that she wants to reduce the number from the current 300,000 to a number in the lower thousands. The Prime Minister, Theresa May has also echoed this with her tough stance on freedom of movement with the EU.

The international monetary fund report 2018:

Any developed nation needs workers with both low and high skills to be able to compete globally. The international monetary fund report 2018 showed that the wealth created by immigration is shared with the total population of a country, with an increase of people from overseas benefiting the lower 90% and highest 10%, with the immigrants with the highest skills bringing the most benefit to the top 10%. According to the international monetary fund report 2018 immigrant labor will boost productivity, by increasing growth by 2%. Even if the immigrant worker has low skills, this then allows the native workers to advance to more skilled occupations, in which their language skills will benefit them said the international monetary fund report 2018. Also, the overseas workers without high skills often work in the care and domestic sector, such as child care which then allows the native mothers who have high skills to go back to work, thus contributing to the nation’s economic growth according to the international monetary fund report 2018.

All of the scaremongering that the press has been guilty of fostering in the British population it has failed to look  prudently at the facts of the matter, as it is these facts and how they are followed which will determine the future of the United Kingdom and that of any people from overseas who choose to work there.


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