Online Casinos vs. iGaming Developers

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Icy Canada TeamJune 20, 2022
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Online Casinos and iGaming developers have a long and storied history working together. But while they may complement each other, who do users go-to for new casino games? Let’s delve into the subject by exploring each party individually.

What are Online Casinos?

For years, many people across the world have played casino games at physical locations. But with internet usage expanding, online casinos were born to provide gambling services remotely. Thus, online casinos represent the new age of gambling and are widely popular due to ease of accessibility and options, among other factors.

Playing in an online casino offers safety, a personalized experience, and a rich game library featuring gambling from different industries, including classic casino games, live casino, sports, and eSports. Furthermore, online casinos are regulated and licensed by established regulatory bodies (like the UK Gambling Commission, the Malta Gaming Authority, the Swedish Gambling Authority, etc) which certify outfits based on their games’ transparency, fairness, and return to player percentage. This regulatory oversight is in place to ensure that players get good value for their time and money.

Who are Igaming Developers?

Igaming developers are organizations responsible for designing games for online casinos. They deal with all the processes of creating games, including concept design, wireframes and drawings, and programming to create a finished product. Igaming developers often have a team of programmers who create green, effective codes to run alongside applicable program interfaces (APIs), which tie together to form a new game’s audio and visual components.

The process of designing a game is long and tedious and involves multiple stages of design and development, not to mention testing, which determines if the game gets the green light or is sent back to the drawing board. The first put-together structure of a game is known as a prototype before being sent to testers to identify bugs and lags in the code or gameplay.

Testers then send the game back to Igaming developers for final adjustments before wrapping up the finished product. Developers rely on tools like Unity, InVison, and Framer to create games and rationalize screen size, especially classic games like slots, which are a fan favorite in many online casinos. Igaming developers typically use HTML5 for programming their games and open-source programming languages like Vert.x, Angular, and Node JS.

Who gets more Emphasis to Produce New Games?

Online casinos are growing exponentially, and the influx of new technologies into the Igaming sector creates user demand to explore new ways of gaming. For instance, popular online casinos leveraged blockchain technology, artificial intelligence, virtual reality (VR), and augmented reality (AR) to make their platforms safer and offer novel experiences.

Incorporating new technologies helps to evolve the user experience, allowing for developments like immersive gameplay, better sound effects, advanced graphics, and boosted game mechanics. Although online casinos have their work cut out for them with these new technologies, and customers expect them to provide novel experiences, they aren’t the sole bearers of the weight.

Even if online casinos evolve and adopt every new technology that disrupts the industry, it’s still up to Igaming developers to leverage the new additions and create games that work well with the new systems and meet user expectations. So, in a way, they bear a bigger percentage of the burden than online casinos.

In designing new games, developers must regularly review their codes and re-evaluate their quality to ensure the best optimization for an efficient and seamless gaming experience. Developers must also partner with video production and animation studios to create new games. It falls to them to ensure the audio and animation matches the build (two- or three-dimensional) and work in tandem to create a well-run game, playable on various platforms, including web, mobile, and PC.

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