Is U.K set to Follow Canada’s Immigration Policy?

Is U.K set to Follow Canada’s Immigration Policy? 1

As the U.K currently grapples with the Brexit referendum results and the impact on its economy, it is now forced to address a long-standing immigration problem. Before Brexit, Europeans could visit the UK and even apply for a residential permit without having to be vetted. But now, given Britan’s exit from the EU, the government feels the need to overhaul its current immigration policy.

Various studies have indicated that poor communication remains a concern for authorities where immigration is concerned and that most EU visitors do not speak the Queen’s language. Right now, the current government under Theresa May is reviewing Canada’s immigration policy to see if it would be possible to adopt something along those lines for the UK.

canada immigration policy

At the moment, Canada has devolved immigration powers to local administration, where each zone would provide immigrants with the required visa and permits provided they meet the quota and requirements for these zones. As it is, Canada’s policy seems to work just fine for them as it allows the local authorities to determine and assess each visitor rather than have the Federal or Central Government handle the whole issue.

All those applying for immigration to the UK would still have to clear the various English tests in order to be considered for a visa. And if the government adopts the Canadian system, then visitors would have to evaluate the various designated zones and their requirements as this can vary from one zone to another.

Right now, UK’s government is getting prepared to head the Brexit negotiations come March, and the immigration policy would be overhauled only after this. While the Brexit referendum got over a while back where most Britons voted to leave the EU, the effects of it are still reverberating around this island nation, and made an impact on important aspects of the country.

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