Laws on gambling at new online casinos in Canada

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Icy Canada TeamJuly 3, 2022
Updated 2023/09/02 at 10:16 AM
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Online gambling has emerged as a popular form of entertainment on the internet. The number of gamblers is increasing globally, and more places are legalising gambling to the people. If you wish to play at a new online casino in Canada, you must be updated on the laws and regulations in the different provinces. 

About online gambling

Online gambling comes in many forms. Among the most popular forms are casinos and betting, which can either be found on separate or joint platforms. New online casinos have an extended offer when it comes to games and activities, which stretches beyond just the traditional casino games. Common for all these casinos is that they are available online at any time, and players can access them whenever they want, as long as they have a device to do it on, and an internet connection. 

Online casinos in Ontario

The gambling laws in Canada are different from one province to another. If you live in the province of Ontario however, you are lucky. As of the 4th of April, this year, it is legal to gamble online here. There has been a desire to create a legal and regulated gambling market in Ontario for almost three years. This was after the government laid plans to end the national lottery’s online gambling monopoly in 2019. It is iGaming Ontario that will oversee regulating the new market and issuing licences to operators and suppliers. These are needed to be able to offer gambling services to the public. 

Gambling in British Columbia

If you wish to gamble in British Columbia, you can do so by participating in lotteries, casino games, online gambling, and betting on horse racing to mention a few. There are several facilities that offer gambling in different forms, both physical and online. In the province, it is the BC Lottery Corporation that manages and conducts commercial gambling. This regards online gambling as well. Anyone over the age of 19 years old can gamble here. Minors are not allowed to join gambling activities, nor to enter facilities that offer any form of gambling. 

Finding a good online casino

These are examples of gambling laws in two of the provinces in Canada. Before you can start gambling you must make yourself aware of the laws in your region and find a good online casino to play at. When picking a place to gamble online, you can choose between established sites and new online casinos. Many prefer the latter as they often offer greater bonuses and special offers when you play. However, in this case, you should do good research on the site’s safety. 

It must hold a working licence from the institution that is in charge of providing licences in your region. The terms and conditions also need to be read and understood before you can commit to a site. In order to make sure you are playing on a good site for you, it is also smart to investigate the different games they have on the site. 

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