Lawsuit Filed To Release 10 Year Old Disabled Immigrant

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Icy Canada TeamAugust 27, 2021
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A 10-year old illegal immigrant from Mexico is held hostage by US authorities. She had come to the US with her mother when she was a toddler as an immigrant. The disabled girl, Rosamaria, suffers from cerebral palsy. Her mother had brought her to the US because treatment in Mexico was too expensive. She couldn’t afford the costs. In America, the price is much lower, and a lot of options are available.

She was going to an emergency gallbladder surgery. On her way, in the ambulance, her family was caught by the US Border Patrol. The officials waited outside her operation theatre room all the time. Once her time at the hospital was done, the officials took her to San Antonio. The shelter in San Antonio is designed for children without any caretaker. She is in the shelter since October 25. Since her mother is an undocumented immigrant, she cannot visit her in the shelter. So she is there all by herself.

She, a disabled immigrant girl is now 150 miles away from her family. The officials are currently deciding if she should be given back to her parents or kept there. It takes around weeks or even months to make the decision. While in the ambulance, the officials kept telling the girl’s parents to back to Mexico. Along with her family, Rosamaria’s 34-year old cousin was also there. She is a US citizen.

disabled immigrant lawsuit filed
Source: Common Dreams

Lawsuit filed against the government by disabled’s family

According to the US Constitution, an immigrant with special needs cannot be detained by the authorities. Her family has filed a lawsuit against the government as it has violated Rosamaria’s fundamental rights and multiple immigration rules. Rosamaria was arrested without a warrant. Her detention will have an adverse effect on her physical and mental health. It was highly unfair of the government to capture her when they know that she lives in a stable environment. hence, filing the lawsuit was a necessary step taken.As an Amazon Associate, Icy Canada earns from qualifying purchases.
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