Long Sleeve T-Shirt Guide For Every Body Type

T-shirts are an essential component of every wardrobe. Their versatility enables them to serve multiple functions; whether that means dressing them up with leather jacket or down with jeans and sneakers.

Long sleeves require careful consideration when selecting a good fitting garment, with sleeves that rest comfortably around the bicep and hug the arm without flaring out more than two inches from its shape.

Body Type A: Thin

When combined with slim shoulders, printed long-sleeved shirts can make your arms appear larger than they really are. To prevent this from happening, Boye recommends selecting one with a slimmer fit; you can do this using the two-finger rule to gauge its adherence; if more than two fingers can fit inside its sleeve then it may not cling tightly around the biceps – in this instance try going down one size or opt for cotton fabric that incorporates some stretch for comfort.

Other features that can make or break a shirt for this body type include the neckline, hemline and cuffs. Henleys with three buttons at the chest make for classic looks while sleevesless shirts add sleek minimalism to an ensemble.

Body Type B: Medium

Women with “B” body types typically feature wide shoulders and full arms, so it’s crucial that they find clothing that hugs the body properly to balance out their curves. Wear fitted bottoms, choose v-neck shirts with scarves to accentuate your beautiful neckline, layer outfits or use column dressing techniques as these options will all work to their advantage when dressing this shape.

Opt for a shirt with sleeves that finish just past the top of your bicep, or select shorter sleeves that snuggle closer around your arm yet still hug the top of your bicep.

Long-sleeved t-shirts are one of the most versatile layering pieces in your closet, perfect for wearing alone or as undergarment for sweatshirts, jackets or sweaters – even suitable to be worn to work!

Body Type C: Large

Large body types feature straight lines from shoulders to hips and have wide shoulder and arm shapes that require longer shirt sleeves. Print long sleeve t-shirts are your best bet; choose patterns that accentuate the curves of your arms for best results and ensure they don’t look baggy and fall below your bicep.

Neckline options range from crewneck, V-neck and the popular three-button henley style popularised by Ryan Gosling in Drive. There are also shirts with cuffs for snugger fitting or open and looser French sailor shirt vibes (think Pablo Picasso and Andy Warhol)! Fabric options include slub cotton which features lumpy texture; ringspun cotton which provides greater airiness; as well as regular cotton which has one of the heaviest weights but becomes softer over time.

Body Type D: Extra Large

Printed long sleeve t-shirts are an ideal way to show off a muscular body type while also concealing any extra weight on your legs or hips.

Fit is key when searching for the ideal shirt. Ideally, its shoulder seam should end just before the top of your arm but any additional material should not extend below this point too much.

Wear your long-sleeved t-shirt with dark wash jeans and your best white shoes to achieve an attractive, cool-guy style that is sure to impress your date. No matter if it is for work or casual dating purposes – these tips and tricks will help you find an outfit tailored specifically to you and your body type!

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