Magento 1 VS Magento 2: Which One You Need To Choose 

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Icy Canada TeamMarch 3, 2023
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Magento has changed the overall scenario of e-commerce platforms with advanced technologies and incredible offerings. Moreover, it has filled the gaps and limitations by offering the new version to its customers globally. The latest version, Magento (the paid version) or Adope Commerce, builds new functionalities, improves performance, and offers incredible customer support and user security. 

Although, many Magento store owners are continuing with the older version (Magento 1). Either they don’t have a clear-cut idea about how to use the latest version (Magento 2), or they are not sure whether it will suit their business. That’s why we have come up with major differences between these two versions. So you can decide which one you should stick to.  

Changed architecture 

In terms of your e-commerce store customization and optimization, Magento 2 comes with more advanced technology than Magento 1. It allows developers to completely remove the old technical stack and create a new version for Magento 2. 

In short, migrating to this new version is similar to data migration. Some most modern technologies you will find in Magento 2 are, 

  • Varnish: It improves website speed on Magento 2
  • NGINX: It will work as a reverse proxy, load balancer, and HTTP cache. 
  • Radis: It serves as the database cache & broker for massages
  • Symfony: It improves the website’s function and appearance and makes content control a lot easier. 
  • Composer: You can reuse the third-party libraries where you don’t need to deal with source code and also reduce extension conflicts.

Improve website performance 

Website performance is one of the major issues with Magento 1. But, website developers are strongly emphasizing website performance with Magento 2. They try to provide the best service to completely eliminate the issue that the customers faced previously with the old version. 

With all the latest technologies with Magento 2, it comes with a high loading speed and also decreases server loading time. In addition, it offers you more extensions that can easily improve the website’s performance. 

Besides that, designing your website and content a way more flexible and customized with the new version. This gives you complete freedom to represent your online store just as you like. A well-optimized content also helps the website to perform faster. 

Mobile Optimization 

Previously, there were lots of issues in terms of mobile optimization with Magento 1. One of the reasons is that mobile-optimized websites were not mandatory at that time. But recently, it has been crucial to offer a mobile-friendly website for customers to stay competitive in the business field. Magento developers are well aware of this fact. 

That’s why they have come up with a mobile-optimized version this time. As a result, it is easy to get the fastest checkout and responsive themes with Magento 2. The new version also supports progressive web pages that help developers create Magento mobile apps to offer a better customer experience. 

Impressive Admin Panel

Store admins will now get a better and more attractive admin panel that was not available in Magento 1. In addition, the new version will offer users an easy-to-navigate admin panel to run their online store smoothly. 

So if you use Magento 2, you will find information such as new orders, average orders, last orders, income tax, top search keywords, bestsellers, lifetime retail sales, and many more on the dashboard. 

Organizing and controlling a Magento store was difficult with the old version. But it is now a lot more convenient, offering useful statistics to run your e-commerce business successfully by understanding the customers’ demands easily.


The older version (Magento 1) had lots of extension conflicts. The third-party extension could have been better and created usability issues for users. So Magento developers have worked on it, and they come with Magento 2, where users can easily overlap the extensions. That makes the entire installation convenient, and use extensions as many as you need.

Although, it is suggested not to overload your online stores with too many extensions, as that may create loading and usability issues. Just go with extensions that will add value to your brand,  improves sales, and deliver a better customer experience. You can also collaborate with other companies to improve the security of your online website.

Security & customer support   

Magento officially stopped to support Magento 1 in June 2020. So, business owners who are still using the old version can put their websites at risk without the upgradation. But with the Magento 2, users will get complete security, regular patches, and updates. 

The same scenario you will see with customer support as well. Users will not get any updates and will have to deal with the issues on their own. However, you will get constant support from developers with Magento 2 if you use the paid version, which is Magento Commerce. 

Final thoughts 

So, with the above discussion, it is pretty clear using the new version will be a wise decision for all business owners. And if you are still using Magento 1, you should go for the latest version to run your business successfully.  

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