Migrating to the United States Easier for Educated Indians?

Migrating to the United States Easier for Educated Indians? 1

The U.S. visa policy isn’t as good for Indians today – especially if you are dependent on H1B visas to pull you through. The Trump administration is now supporting a bill that will widely promote high skilled, educationally privileged immigration. This serves as India‚Äôs speciality while erasing the possibilities for family ties based on immigration. The latter has served as the main route for migration to the US for more than 5 decades.

Indians have utilized both pathways. The educated Indians found it challenging. They had to follow the more difficult H1B guest worker route. This route involves many obstacles as opposed to those who go to the US instead of family ties.

New Developments for Educated Indians:

There are also restraints on Indians due to the country-specific quota, which amounts to 7 percent. This means Nepalese and Pakistani nationals who are fewer in number have more chances to make it to the US.
But as per the new legislation, the educated people will have more chances to obtain permanent residency, also known as Green Cards, which many potential immigrants desire, and they almost always result in citizenship.

Migrating to the United States Easier for Educated Indians? 2

The RAISE Act’s proposed points state that the USA will prefer young, educated, English-proficient immigrant applications in a points-based system. Canada and Australia also use this method.

This is how the points system will work: Good education, specifically if it is a degree from a US-based university, earns more points: A candidate with a US high school diploma or a foreign equivalent attains one point; a foreign bachelor’s degree attains five, while a US bachelor’s degree will attain six points. The country will award seven points for a foreign master’s degree in STEM fields and eight points for a US Masters’s degree. There will be 10 points for a foreign professional degree or doctorate and 13 points for its US equivalent.

Younger age groups will receive more points. They will determine the points for judging English proficiency through a standardized English test and award points on a percentile basis. A job offer will also fetch you more points.

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