Moving During Christmas? Here’s What You Need to Know

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While most people recommend moving in spring or summer, sometimes life happens, and you have no choice but to move in the winter. If you live in an area that gets cold weather and snow, this added factor can bring a ton of stress to a process that is already considered one of the top stressful life events a person can go through.

However, if you go into your winter move knowing what to expect and prepare for, moving in winter doesn’t have to be an enormous amount of added stress, and you can get through it happily and ready to start your new life in your new home. 

Hiring Movers

Just as it’s crucial to work with the best real estate agent in Hamilton when buying or selling your Hamilton home, it’s essential to work with professionals throughout your move. Hiring movers can be a good idea, rather than relying on the help of friends or family. Additionally, movers will know how to handle driving and unloading the moving truck during bad weather conditions like snow and ice. 

Make sure you book them early as schedules can fill up fast between people taking vacation during the holidays and increased demand with customers taking advantage of moving over the holiday season.

Prepare Accordingly

Make sure your utilities like the heat and electricity are working properly before the big move, as you’ll want both of these to be running on arrival. Also, be sure to clear the walkways and driveways by shovelling any snow and putting down salt or sand if they are slippery.

Have floor mats ready and available to throw down at any entrance being used during the move to ensure no one slips and falls. Also, doing this will help to protect your floors from snow and slush. Make sure you have some tarps or cardboard sheets for any carpeted areas as well. If you hire professional movers, they will likely come prepared with these supplies.

Be Flexible

Throughout such a stressful process as moving, you might be relying on lists and organizational tactics to get you through. But with winter bringing so many additional variables, it’s important to remain flexible.

Winter weather is unpredictable, and you should recognize that even with the greatest of preparation, things can go wrong or be delayed. This will help prevent frustrations from arising if and when these things occur. You may have checked the weather forecast a million times and still have an unexpected snowstorm delay your plans. If the weather is really bad, it may be wiser to delay your move. It may be frustrating at the moment, but it’s better to be safer and err on the side of caution than to risk lives.

Follow these tips to know what to expect and get through your winter move with as little stress as possible and remember, you’ll soon be enjoying a warm drink in your new home, ready to start your new life.

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