Nature Exploration and Self-Discovery the Canadian Way

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Icy Canada TeamNovember 15, 2021
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Toronto, Ontario, Canada. June 23, 2021. Beautiful waterfront in the evening.
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Canada is all about nature, and thus it is no surprise to see the Canadian Government making serious efforts to protect its nature, oceans, and the Indigenous Peoples. Every Canadian is proud of their country and shows sincere love and respect for nature wherever they go.

With the issues of global warming already making the presence felt in most parts of the world with rising sea levels and extreme weather events, it is essential that we, as human species, share the responsibility to save the planet. After all, one needs to stay connected with nature around and follow healthier habits and create less waste to make more space for nature on the planet. It is time to learn from the example of Canada and embark on a voyage of nature exploration and self-discovery, the Canadian way.

Canada’s commitments towards nature

Get aware of the efforts being made by the Canadian Government to conserve its land, lakes, and oceans plus freshwater resources by 2025. Visit Vancouver by cruise or take a flight to any popular city within Canada to learn how the Canadian Government and the people here have worked closely and from coast to coast to save nature. The good news is that one can already see the impact as Canadian biodiversity and Indigenous protected area plus the diverse marine ecosystems are thriving with diversity and productivity.

 Self-discovery with nature around

Canada boasts of nature’s bounty and promises buzzing experiences no matter where you go.  You are sure to come across quaint country towns, fascinating mountains, and spectacular scenic views. Before you set out, ask yourself who you are and what you would like to be. A journey of self-discovery within the Canadian landscape is sure to help you grow both spiritually and emotionally and help you get to know yourself a little better.

There’s no better time for self-exploration as of now, and just being in Canada can motivate you to reflect upon some essential questions such as what is missing in your life and what steps to take towards fulfillment. When you are away from your relations and by yourself in an idyllic location, things become a lot clearer, and you finally have a complete picture in front of you.

Leave behind all those regrets and negative emotions and look forward to a fulfilled and happy life. Feel proud of yourself and explore your passions to make your life rich and meaningful. Keep in mind that life is short, so keep things simple and spend some time with nature.

Given below are some ideas on how you could get closer to nature and yourself:

  • Explore the scenic waterfront of Toronto

    When in Ontario, do not miss the chance to enjoy both the sheer urban side of the cities and the fascinating nature around. Whether it is the spectacular Niagara Falls or the towering Blue Mountains, the skyscrapers of the charming megalopolis, there is a touch of magic everywhere. Close your eyes and focus on the man-made wonders amidst the endless nature filled with lakes, forests, and mountains.


  • Visit the historic Lunenburg

    Lunenburg is located on the western side of Mahone Bay and is a great area for those who want to experience nature to its fullest. Try to learn more about the unique culture of maritime and get a well-balanced experience of the historic Old Town that is nestled along the ocean. There are plenty of galleries and shops, walking and hiking trails, and many look-out points that can keep you busy for hours. Think as if you are one with the people and nature, and you are sure to feel calmer and at peace with yourself.


  • The Big Muddy Badlands

    If you are one of those who loves caves in desert landscapes from early civilization, then head towards the Big Muddy Badlands, north of Montana. Get ready to feast your eyes on some marvelous architecture by nature that will surely leave you amazed. Here you will come across centuries of history and the remains of the early settlers. Check out the Cypress Hills and enjoy other outdoor activities such as zip-lining, Bird watching, boating, kayaking, and more! You are sure to forget all your worries about urban life here as you spend some time with nature.

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