New Australian Visa Rules: Entrepreneur Visa Now Open For Applicants

New Australian Visa Rules: Entrepreneur Visa Now Open For Applicants 1

New Australian Visa Rules Set To Attract the Best and The Brightest

Australia has recently launched new visas to attract skilled entrepreneurs to the country. The new australian visa rules known as the Business Innovation and Investment visa programme allows forward-thinking business investors to gain permanent Australian residency if they have an innovative business idea and funding of at least $200,000 from a third party to develop their business idea and make it commercial. The new australian visa rules are in a bid to encourage economic growth within Australia, where foreign-born businessmen and women can launch start-up companies that will go on to provide employment in the country.

new australian visa rules

New Australian Visa Rules And Its Beneficiaries

The pathway towards Skilled Migration has been enhanced too, with a new points system now in place to allow highly skilled international students who have gained a Masters or Ph.D. in an Australian university in one of the STEM subjects, maths, engineering, science or technology to get permanent residency in Australia. The new australian visa rules will prove popular with prospective graduate students, who are already drawn to one of the many high ranked Australian universities for study. Once the foreign student has completed their postgraduate research they are then able to stay on in the country and find work in their field or start a business if they have third-party funding.

This is in accordance with the Australian Government’s National Innovation and Science Agenda, which seeks to support innovation by ensuring that research ideas are turned into commercial ventures. New australian visa rules allow the brightest foreign students who have a STEM postgraduate qualification to stay on and find fulfilling work in Australia.

Many postgraduate students are already attracted to study on the continent due to the high standard of further education and the lifestyle of Australia, and the Australian Government is looking to support these bright students so that they can continue living in the country with the  With the new australian visa rules moves to enhance the process of gaining permanent residency in Australia, more top foreign students will be attracted to study and then work in the continent.




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