New Indian Visa Center Jessore: Indian Visa For Bangladeshi Travelers

Indian Visa For Bangladeshi Travelers

A new center for Indian Visa For Bangladeshi Travelers in Jessore has come up, and it has started to receive applications from those seeking a visa in Jessore from December 20, 2015. This is good news for those living in Bangladesh as the process of procuring Indian Visa For Bangladeshi Travelers has become easy.

According to the High Commission of India, this is a move of an ongoing effort that will streamline, liberalize and ease the process of securing Indian visas. Moreover, the High Commission of India has allowed all the Bangladeshi travelers with confirmed bus, air or train tickets to submit their tourist visa applications without having any e-token or prior appointment dates.

This measure of facilitating Indian Visa For Bangladeshi Travelers has been taken as the commission wants to aim at facilitating the contacts between people to people of India and Bangladesh, according to a press statement by the High Commission of India. Not only that but the mission also consisted of a pilot project which started last October 2016 and allowed the facility of the walk-in visa application for women travelers as well as for their immediate family members and has been very successful.

According to Mofizur R Rahman, the receiving of applicants at the new visa center at Jessore started from 8:00 am and till 1:00 pm and it has already received a total of 1200 applications on the very first day. Moreover, he has also said that people from Jessore as well as those from the adjoining areas will now be able to get a visa without any harassment.
Noor Islam, a journalist, has said he was jubilant with the opening of the center and a long stream of Indian Visa seekers was seen on the very first day. Officials have also said that those seeking visa will now be able to submit their applications after paying the fees by UCash, though E-token will be needed for the tourist visas. The move by India is going to strengthen the relationship between the two neighboring countries which share a strong historical bond.

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