New Partners – Partners and Esports Entertainment Group’s

New Partners - Partners and Esports Entertainment Group's 1

Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. and – their betting platform – recently teamed up with in order to create an esports betting integration in a responsible and community-centric way. The launch is planned for May 3, 2021. is the world’s largest esports wiki and an affiliate of Team Liquid, one of the top esports organizations. Liquipedia was created by and for the esports community and is the best overall resource for anything esports related, including tournament overviews, profiles of teams and players, live results and game information for 30 different esports games. 

New content is added to the site daily and all info on wikis is provided free of charge through an API. Liquipedia has strong values of community, integrity and safety and the site is home to many contributors and volunteers as well as other gaming enthusiasts. The company clearly welcomes the partnership with

“A lot of esports sites have integrated betting in careless ways, sadly,” said Erik Saler, Head of Liquipedia. “As one of the largest resources in esports we not only felt a responsibility to do this better, but we also felt that if we do it right – with the right partner, in the right way – we could help improve betting in esports as a whole and make it safer for all. We are proud to have found like-minded allies in who share our values of community, safety, responsibility, and integrity.”

Esports Entertainment Group is an esports and online sports betting company that has built its business on the growing popularity of video gaming. Their main objective is to bring gamers and fans together in a unique and enriching way. The company and its affiliates help players connect with their fans and involve them in the world of esports. 

“Esports communities have incredible passion and competitive drive, which makes for an exciting betting landscape,” says Grant Johnson, CEO of Esports Entertainment Group, for GH. “Unfortunately, that passion and drive is often taken advantage of, and there’s significant distrust towards betting platforms in the space. We’re proud to work with Liquipedia and on this new initiative, and we’re confident in’s ability to foster an active esports betting community by building a safe, trusted experience.”

Through this partnership,’s odds and the possibility of placing bets will be integrated into the Liquipedia pages making the possibility of placing bets safe for millions of Liquipedia’s visitors. They are also implementing safety mechanisms such as not showing betting information for people under the legal age in VIE’s 150 whitelisted jurisdictions worldwide.

Guidelines on betting safely will also be visible and visitors will have an option to hide betting information on their screen. 

Responsible gaming and safety are paramount to both and Liquipedia. They work in collaboration with the Esports Integrity Coalition (ESIC) whose aim is to prevent all forms of cheating in esports. Through their collaboration, is now participating in ESIC’s global suspicious bet alert system in order to tackle corruption and provide a safe and fair betting space.

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