New Zealand’s Skilled Immigrant Category Code Changed From August 28

New Zealand’s Skilled Immigrant Category Code

Diverse changes, covering a wide range of aspects in New Zealand’s Skilled Immigrant Category Code have been effective from the 28th of August, 2017. This package of change has been brought about to be able to manage immigration better and also improve the labor market contribution made by migrants.
There are two remuneration thresholds that are being introduced for migrants applying for residency under the Skilled Immigrant Category Code. One will be set at New Zealand’s average income per year for jobs considered to be skilled and the other will be set at 1.5 times the average New Zealand income for jobs not considered skilled but well paid.

Skill level 1, 2 and 3 jobs at ANZSCO should have a salary more than or equal to $23.49 per hour. ANZSCO jobs at all levels that are not skilled should have a salary more than $73,299 annually, working 40 hours weekly. Bonus points will be offered to the applicants of Skilled Immigrant Category Code, who earn a high salary of more than 97,718 annually working 40 hours weekly.
The more work experience at skilled work, the more additional points given to the applicant. 10 points will be given for a year’s work experience in New Zealand. No extra points for 2 years or more. The points for level 10 and 9, Master’s and Doctorate’s qualifications shall be hiked to 70 points. Points for age will be increased for those applicants who are aged between the years 30-39. Points shall no longer be given for qualifications in fields that require no skill.
Those applicants who clear English, character, health and other selection requirements but do not have any skilled or higher degree qualifications will not be applicable for this. However they will be offered Job Search Visa enabling them
to look and work for skilled jobs.

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