Nigerian Travel Boosts After Visa-on-arrival Scheme

Nigerian Travel Boosts After Visa-on-arrival Scheme 1

International tourism in Nigeria is seen a sudden boost after it granted visa-on-arrival to many nations around the world. Between July and mid-November, Nigera received 11,771 international tourists on visa-on-arrival. Sunday James, spokesperson for Nigeria Immigration Service made the announcement on November 19, 2017.

1,604 VOAs (visa-on-arrival) were granted in July, 3,732 in August; 1,897 in September; 3,841 in October, and 697 in the first week of November. Sunday James revealed the figures after a few stakeholders made false claims about Nigeria not having a visa-on-arrival scheme. This scheme is into action since 2013. Earlier Nigeria had a visa-on-arrival only, but since March 2017, it started an online pre-approval of visa-on-arrival. Citizens of other countries don’t need to visit Nigeria Immigration Service offices as the online procedure has eliminated that step. The visa gets approved within 48 hours.

The Nigerian government has also made an email address, through which you can get your visa-on-arrival application approved. The email address is There are six ports of entry for other country nationals who enter the country after pre-approval. The six ports are Port Harcourt, Lagos, Kano, Kaduna, Abuja, and Enugu. This visa is only available to countries who don’t have a Nigerian mission in their country. Businessmen and travelers can use this visa for a short stay in Nigeria.

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Source: NAIJ Nigeria

Land of national parks

Nigeria is known for its massive national parks like Yankari National Park and Cross River National Park. Best time to visit Nigeria is between July to December when it isn’t much hot and there’s very less rainfall. It is home several exotic animals. It’s thick rainforest is a whole new different world. When in Nigeria, don’t forget to visit the Calabar Carnival, go to all its national park, night safari, and indulge in its delicious food. Shop at Nigeria’s traditional markets where you’ll find handloom pieces.

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