Off the Beaten Track: Lesser Known Places to Visit in Canada

Off the Beaten Track: Lesser Known Places to Visit in Canada 1

Who doesn’t love Canada? It is one of the most peaceful and welcoming places on the planet. Moreover, Canada is also filled with amazing tourist destinations and hidden gems for travelers. The lush green fields are well-known, and the natural scenery is breathtaking. Since the nation is so large, some locals are not even aware of these hidden attractions.

Canada has so many places to choose from that you’ll be spoilt for choice when planning your trip. Although there are plenty of well-known destinations that are worth a visit, this article is for the tourists, or even locals, who want to visit offbeat yet beautiful places. 

Canada is filled with stunning tourist sites like these, so why not consider the offbeat places for your next trip?

What Are Some Hidden Gems in Canada?

Waterton Lakes National Park

Waterton Lakes National Park is one of the most mesmerizing national parks that you will ever come across. Banff generally leads the list in terms of Canada’s most famous national parks. Otherwise, they normally go to Jasper or Louise Lake. Waterton Lakes National Park is similarly awesome. All of these are beautiful national parks that are famous around the world for their sheer beauty.

Waterton Lakes National Park is situated in the province of Alberta, a few hours from Calgary, and it’s well known for the breathtaking mountain landscapes. So, make sure to add this place to your list the next time you plan a trip!


L’Anse Aux Meadows

This Norse settlement is a UNESCO world heritage site and is situated on the tip of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula. Visiting the site is like taking a step back in time and become a Viking for the day. The site has been carefully restored to what it was like 1,000 years ago when the Vikings first landed. Costumed interpreters will guide you around the encampment and inform you of its extensive history. 

The Norsemen certainly had good taste as they picked one of the most beautiful spots around to make their home. Just imagine rugged cliffs and stunning coastline, and you’d be about there. 

With plenty to explore in Newfoundland, there is nothing holding you back from visiting this part of the world and this scenic slice of history. 

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park

Writing-On-Stone Provincial Park is yet another amazing tourist destination for tourists seeking hidden gems in Canada. Writing-On-Stone is a national park in southern Alberta’s prairie grasslands.

Besides cycling, canoeing, and paddle boarding, you can also enjoy the Milk River, which passes through the valley and has the highest concentration of rock gravures and drawings than any of the other major plains of North America.

If you want to learn more about this amazing place, you can participate in guided tours by a local translator. The local guide will take you through this place’s entire history while you enjoy the surrounding views.


Thunder Bay

This beautiful town of Ontario has a beautiful natural landscape that makes it difficult to comprehend why it is not as famous as everywhere else. The major appeal in Thunder Bay is the Kakabeka Falls. Although not as tall as Niagara Falls, the mountain has a stunning gorge, scenic pathways, and a steep surge. The Sleeping Giant Provincial Park and the iconic Hoito restaurant are also some of the main attractions here.


Mississauga is a less-known Canadian town in the province of Ontario.  Located on Lake Ontario, this is the perfect spot for those who want to get away from Toronto’s stressful environment for a bit. The town has numerous parks for those who are interested in extending their legs and enjoying nature. 

There are many places to catch a breath of fresh air; from the Jack Darling Memorial Park to Erindale Park and Lake Aquitaine Park. If you’re looking to dig into the history of this place, you can visit the Historic House of Benares. If you want something more contemporary, you should pass by the Absolute World Towers and other incredible architectural accomplishments around the town.

Sable Island National Park Reserve

Sable is a long, capped island situated in the Atlantic Ocean 109mi (175km) south-east of mainland Nova Scotia. It is a remote area with five inhabitants, 400 wild horses, and about 350 boats that deserve the designation of the Atlantic Graveyard. 

Sable Island, is one of the farthest outlying islands in Canada. The scenery is dominated by mesmerizing sand dunes, which are among the highest in Eastern Canada. The famous Wild Horses of Sable Island wander freely, and its vast beaches are home to the world’s most important breeding colony of Grey Seals.

Badlands in Saskatchewan

This wide stretch of natural gem is found in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada, including Badlands. There is no better location for you to witness the elegance and magnificence of the country. There are special geological structures like caverns and cliffs.

Besides being scenic, these natural structures also have a fascinating history behind them. You can follow in the footsteps of Saskatchewan robbers and fugitives that used these cliffs and caverns as their playground. 


What Do We Have to Say?

There are 162 cities in the country, so don’t limit your trip only to the most popular tourist attractions. There are many more to keep you busy. Each city and destination in Canada has something unique to offer. You will never feel that rush of boredom take over your existence. Every destination in Canada will continually offer a fresh wave of excitement, and it is time you got off the beaten track and explored the hidden gems that Canada has to offer.


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