India Seeks Resolution on US Work Visa

India Looks for Change to H1B Visa The Indian IT industry has prompted India to negotiate any future restrictions on US non-immigrant work visas such as the H1-B visa once President Trump gets into power in January next year. India wants to discuss with Trump the positive affects that the Indian IT industry has made […]

How Long Does Legal Immigration to the US Actually Take

Immigration Processing Time Different The current race to the American presidency is raising many questions about immigration, with right wing politicians such as Donald Trump making statements about immigration being an easy, quick process. But is this actually the case, not according to law professor Neils W. Frenzen, Director of the University of Southern California’s […]

US Immigration Reforms: To Attract Highly Skilled Workers

US Immigration Reforms: The System for Highly Skilled Immigrants Needs An Update   This election, Americans have been focusing on the negative impact of immigration instead of focusing on US immigration reforms. Recent studies from the Partnership for a New American Economy, the National Foundation for American Policy and the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and […]