Payouts On Local Jackpot Slots 

Payouts On Local Jackpot Slots  1

Jackpots are nothing new in the world of slots, although they are a fairly new addition to online slots games – check out Mega Moolah Online Slot. In fact, jackpot slots are now some of the most played of all the online slots and the most popular are the progressive ones. These are the jackpots that offer the biggest prizes, as the pots continue to grow until they are won. A percentage of all money staked on these progressive jackpots adds to the value of the prize and it doesn’t matter whether it falls within a week, a month or a year, because the cash prize will continue to grow, the more the game is played. 

Therefore the payout on progressive jackpots varies greatly locally and can range from a few hundred, to a few thousand or even millions of pounds, depending on the size of the gambling brand. The record for an online progressive jackpot payout is £13.2 million and Jon Heywood won this amount on Mega Moolah slot, back in 2015. This slot regularly has huge progressive jackpots up for grabs and to win them, you need to be lucky enough to be spinning whilst a random feature is triggered that allows you to spin a wheel that houses all the different jackpot prizes. 

Other Types Of Jackpot Slots 

There are various slots that contain jackpots these days and some contain 3 or 4 different jackpots within them. The most common jackpot setups are games containing a mini, minor, major and grand jackpot. Other slot games just have three jackpots.  Daily jackpots that are guaranteed to go before a certain time also get the punters spinning, but these tend to be lower value prizes. 

Jackpot King 

Blueprint gaming is a UK based slots game developer, but they are also the brains behind the jackpot king concept.  This is a jackpot system that many online casinos are now part of and the prizes vary greatly depending on two factors. The amount of jackpot king slots that are stored locally and the size of the casino that you are playing at. The jackpots are made up of Royal, Regal and the actual Jackpot King. The slots themselves do not actually carry jackpots within them, instead they are linked by the jackpot king system. To trigger the jackpot game you need five jackpot king symbols to land in a row in the center reels and this triggers the jackpot king game. The aim is to get to the wheel that contains all the jackpot prizes, plus some minor prizes that are most commonly won. One of the biggest winners took home £3.3 million from this jackpot scheme. 

Final Thoughts 

Jackpots add another dimension to slots thanks to the huge cash prizes up for grabs. Local jackpots do not need to be low in value, as they can also be linked and part of a local network. Large gambling brands also have local jackpots that are linked to all their sites. Even land-based slots casinos have local jackpots. Las Vegas is the home to Megabucks jackpot slots and linking 700 local slots games together creates huge prizes.

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