Philippines Makes Visa Rules Easier For UAE Citizens

Philippines is working hard to make visa rules easier for UAE citizens. The Southeast Asian country is trying its best to increase international tourism. The Philippine Consulate-General in Dubai, UAE is trying to find ways make visa application ways easier for UAE citizens.

UAE citizens do not require a visa to visit Philippines if they are visiting for less than 30 days. Some other nations that don’t need a visa to visit Philippines are other GCC countries, America, Southeast Asia, EU nations, and Japan. Nations that need a visa for visiting Philippines are India, China, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Processing of visa application takes around five to 10 days.

Paul Raymund Cortes, Consul-General, said that the government is trying its best to reduce the time so that UAE and other GCC citizens are encouraged to visit Philippines. Many South Asians expats living in GCC countries still require a visa to visit Philippines. They want to make the visa process more convenient and easier. The embassy has seen a higher number of visa application since 2013. The consulate processed 23,247 from October 2013 to October 2017.

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U Source: When In Manila

Low percentage of tourists from UAE

From financial year 2016 to 2017, only 1.25 percent people were from the Middle East. Philippines wants to boost international tourism, especially the one coming from Middle Eastern countries. Philippines Tourism Ministry want to depict the country as a hidden treasure to UAE citizens.

For the people of Philippines, it has always been a paradise. The Consulate General feels that for marketing the country, more than one method needs to be implemented.

Philippines is a group of islands in Southeast Asia that has some of the best beaches in the world. Its blue waters will definitely cast a spell on you. It has become a favorite country among honeymooners.


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