Philippines To Get Visa-free Entry In South Korea For Winter Olympics

We all know that South Korea is going to hold the Winter Olympics 2018. If you are Filipino planning to visit South Korea for the Winter Olympics, there is a good news in store for you. South Korea is offering visa-free entry to Filipinos until April 2019. But there’s a catch to it. Filipinos will only get a visa free entry if they arrive at the YangYang airport near Pyeongchang, where the winter games are being held.

However, there are no direct commercial flights from Philippines to YangYang airport. Cebu Pacific and Philippine Airlines have direct flights to Busan and Incheon in South Korea. So does this mean that the airlines will soon be starting direct flights to YangYang airport? South Korea is also offering visa-free entry to Vietnam and Indonesia if they land at the YangYang airport. They visa-free offer runs until April 2018.

Tourism in South Korea has taken a setback in these past couple months because of a feud with China. South Korea deployed an US anti-missile to protect itself from North Korea. China didn’t like this and there have been a few arguments about it.

Source: USA Today FTW

Less visa costs for Chinese nationals

South Korea is giving Chinese nationals an off of $15 on visa free for those who hold an electronic passport. South Korea is working hard to make roads, build the resort town, and all other final preparations for Winter Olympics 2017.

There are only less than 100 days left for the event and things don’t seem that right. Owner of a motel located near the Olympic stadium said that he invested $360,000 in renovating his 15-room motel. He feels all of it is a waste, because many less people are going to come amidst the North Korea and US drama. We can only hope that the event in a success.

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