Planning To Study Abroad? Canada Is The Place For You!

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Icy Canada TeamJune 22, 2021
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The planning of the path ahead for higher education can be pretty daunting. It’s hands down one of the most important decisions you make in your lifetime. A lot of students decide to study abroad to widen their horizons and scope for a successful career. If you’re someone who’s contemplating a similar pathway as well, then you’ve stumbled on the perfect article!

In the past few years, Canada has seen a growing influx of international students from all over the world. Holding the 15th rank in the World Happiness Index 2021, the country proves to be an attractive destination for a healthy lifestyle and the prospect of career building.

There are so many reasons to consider Canada for your education. We’ve listened down a few for you.

Warm And Welcoming Environment

Canadians have always been known for their sweet and helping nature. In a survey conducted in 2020, Canada has been acclaimed as the most accepting country for immigrants, with the highest migrant acceptance index of 8.46. It welcomes people from all around the world with open arms and an inclusive, tolerant, and humane mentality.

Several small communities spread across the country welcome and help international students to get accustomed to the place and settle down comfortably. You’ll meet several generous people filled with warmth and affection who’ll make you feel at home in no time. And, you might make some great friends in the process.

Pocket Friendly

Expense and budget are among the topmost criteria that are considered while weighing the pros and cons of studying abroad. In Canada, expenses are much lower than in other English-speaking countries. From traveling, lodging to educational expenses—everything comes at an affordable, pocket-friendly rate. Writing papers and essays with professional services like is easy as well with tutoring help. 

Safe and Secured

One of the countries with the lowest crime rate, Canada is one of the safest abodes for students. The peaceful environment (there are some common climate issues but not much) will help you feel secure, lessen your anxieties and help you stay focused on your education.

Bilingual Culture

Canada accords both French and English as the official languages. If you’re planning on completing your secondary or higher secondary education in one of our schools, you’re sure to master French by the time you graduate. Other than that, living in a bilingual environment will also help you pick up the best of the two languages, which will enhance your skills and boost your career prospects.

But, you need not worry if you aren’t familiar with or fluent with French because all the colleges offer each and every course in English.

Highly Qualified Teaching Staff

The teaching faculty in all the Canadian schools and colleges is highly qualified. Most of them hold international degrees and are experts in their respective fields. The teachers are incredibly knowledgeable and very efficient.

Friendly Student-Teacher Relationship

Canadian teachers and professors don’t believe in authoritarian behavior. Strict disciplining verging on the lines of harshness isn’t something that they aspire for. Instead, the teachers are amiable, empathetic, and compassionate towards the students. They fulfill the true role of a teacher—one of a “friend, philosopher and guide.” They guide the students towards becoming diligent learners and better, compassionate human beings.

Fun Teaching Process

In Canada, the teaching process is kept as fun and easy flowing as possible. Instead of stale classes merely focused on finishing the syllabus, several national and international seminars and workshops are held to make learning enjoyable. Student discussion groups, class quizzes, and several other ways are opted to keep the process from becoming dreary and dull.

Several cultural clubs and activities also help the students discover their strengths in such fields and have fun.

Eventful Campus Life

With almost half of the student population consisting of international students, diversity is a major characteristic of campus life in Canada. Cross-cultural interactions pave the way towards new and refreshing experiences. Fests are an integral part of school and college life here. Socializing and making friends and forging connections becomes extremely easy, and the overall campus experience is one worth cherishing forever.

Encouraging Environment For Research Work

The colleges and universities encourage students to take up research work after pursuing their higher studies. A proper stipend and a peaceful environment provide ample scope for student researchers to thrive. This, in turn, creates opportunities for discoveries and innovations to take place.

Internationally Recognized Degrees

Earning a degree in Canada can help you build a career anywhere in the world. The degrees earned from the schools, colleges, and universities of Canada are recognized, acclaimed and valued all around the world. This will help you to plan a flexible future. You can aspire for a successful career in your home country or Canada or anywhere globally.

Ample Career Opportunities

With employment rates taking a plunge in a number of countries, Canada still offers a plethora of jobs and internships to graduates. The internships provide excellent opportunities for learning and gaining experience in the opted field. Employment provided to graduates helps them sustain themselves while seeking higher education.

The health and technology sectors are the most active recruiters at the moment. Other than that, finance, marketing and management are other sectors that can be opted for a job. Students can also aspire to establish a career in academics and get the opportunity to be recruited as teachers or professors in the numerous prestigious schools and colleges spanning the country.

Best Quality of Life

This year, owing to a survey by US News & World Report, Canada topped the list and became acclaimed as the country with the best quality of life, considering aspects like affordability, job opportunities, environment, and so on.

Beautiful Sites and Destinations

Three cities of Canada—Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto were part of the “top 50 best cities for students” list. Apart from the above-stated list of reasons, Canada is an attractive country for international women’s students because of the beauty it has to offer. The entire country is littered with beautiful tourist spots and serene destinations worth exploring and going back to.

Well, there’s clearly no dearth of reasons for you to come to Canada for your education. A beautiful, unforgettable experience is awaiting you. And we absolutely cannot wait to welcome you and have you among us. So, what are you waiting for?

– Written by Aishani 

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