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With a population of almost 40 million, Canada might not rank among the most bustling countries in the world, but we sure are staying connected! As of January 2023, Canada boasted over 36 million internet users. That’s nearly 94% of the population.

Basically, everyone you know spends some time on the internet, whether it’s for work, research, or fun. And Canadians aren’t just visiting the web every now and then. Statistics show that as of late 2022, the average Canadian spent more than six hours per day using the internet. With so much of our lives, work, and personal connections online, it should come as no surprise that people are avid users of this awesome tool.

So we know how many and how long, but how about where? There is no shortage of tracking data on what websites Canadians most like to visit. Due to differences in analytics gathering and business practices, results don’t always match up perfectly, but there are a few frontrunners everyone can agree on.

Find out where all these web surfers are catching their cyber waves with this list of popular websites in Canada. Some may not surprise you (hello, Google), but others might be of “Pinterest.” Read on to find out!


Google it! This search-engine powerhouse is overall the most popular website in Canada. And for good reason. Google is what most people first turn to in order to find websites on which they can read reviews, conduct research, shop online, find doctors, pay bills, and much more.

Semrush, an online data ranking tool and analytics company, tracked over 2 billion visits to Google during May 2023. Google is an especially powerful tool for reading reviews. Study after study shows that people rely on online reviews to make all kinds of decisions, from where to eat to what dentist to visit.

Clearly, Canadians are no different and love this search engine just as much as the next person! Google has been around since it was founded in the late 1990s and has no signs of slowing down in popularity.


According to the same Semrush statistics, YouTube is another widely visited website in Canada. In fact, in May 2023, it outranked Google by a small margin for most visitors. Usually, Google remains at the top of the list, but YouTube won one month. New research from Oxford Economics indicated that YouTube contributed over $2 billion to Canada’s GDP in 2022.

With more content creators, writers, comedians, producers, and musicians than ever, YouTube is an artistic and creative haven. No wonder so many Canadians spend time on the site. It’s also chockful of instructional videos that teach all kinds of skills, from pasta making and animation to video marketing strategies and everything in between.

YouTube is especially popular with younger Canadians. Seventy-eight percent of Gen Z Canadians list YouTube as the first platform they visit when they want to consume video content.


This live streaming service focuses on video games, esports competitions, and even other creative game-related content, such as what range of leading slot sites to choose from. Competitions hosted on Twitch attract a wide audience, from tweens following tips about their favourite video games to people wagering on their favourite streamers and large-scale competitions.

While Twitch might not see the same numbers as Google or YouTube, it’s hands-down the most popular video game streaming service in Canada. The video game industry is ever growing, and so are other gaming websites. This market is slated to grow, with 2023 revenue from the video game industry expected to reach $7.07 billion and accompanied by a projected growth rate of 8.49%. Twitch is one to watch!


Reddit, a discussion website that aggregates news, information, and interests of all kinds, is regularly in the top five of Canada’s most popular websites. Founded in 2005, Reddit allows users to share text, pictures, links and videos to specific threads called subreddits. Users rank submissions within each subreddits helping popular content rise to the top. Comments are also ranked by votes coming from each community’s users.

Reddit has a Toronto-based office and hosts the second-largest workforce outside the States. Reports from the platform name Canada as its third-largest market after the United States and England. Popular Canadian subreddits include r/canada with 1.8 million members, r/hockey (1.6 million members), r/personalfinancecanada (1.2 million members), and r/vancouver (482,000 members). When you visit Reddit, you connect with your fellow Canadians and the globe.

Canada Post

Founded in 1867 as Royal Mail Canada, Canada Post has stood the test of time and technology. According to Similarweb statistics, the post office website is the country’s fourth most visited site. While it’s no surprise that 86% of Canada Post web visitors come from inside the country, it has some foreign visitors too, with 9% from the United States and 2% from India.

Canada Post offers plenty of essential communications needs for everyone, from those who want to know where their orders are to small businesses that ship products across provinces. Here’s what Canada Post has to offer: special edition stamps, package tracking, business shipping operations, a postal code search engine, a package rates calculator, a post office locator, and more. Snail mail isn’t dead yet!


With millions of products for sale, Amazon is Canadian’s go-to site for online shopping. Launched as an online bookseller in 1994, Amazon has exploded in the last three decades. Amazon Canada launched in 2002 and has been a popular choice ever since. Statistics show that Amazon’s market share makes up over 40% of all e-commerce retail.

Amazon sees over 100 million monthly visits from Canadian shoppers, and with good reason. Perks like Prime make shipping fast and easy, returns are simple and free, and let’s be honest—is there anything Amazon doesn’t sell? Choose from swimsuits, light bulbs, air conditioners, beauty products, and much more. They even sell mattresses! This ease of purchase and good prices makes Amazon a must-visit for Canadian internet users.

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