No More Border Posts for Ireland and N.Ireland!

Icy Canada Team
Icy Canada TeamMay 13, 2020
Updated 2023/08/17 at 7:20 AM

As per a new development after the Brexit, Post-Brexit border posts are not required for Ireland and Northern Ireland province of the UK.  The UK pointed this out, showcasing its early efforts to resolve one of the most complicated parts of EU exit. This is a bone of contention for resolving the areas of friction between the UK and the EU.


The problem of post-Brexit border posts is not hailed as one among the most controversial aspects of the EU exit along with the rights of the nationals of the UK and the EU. More than 30,000 people move across the 500 km border daily without any immigration or customs checks. This has put severe pressure on the negotiators to devise a mechanism for the borders at Ireland. This has to be done without inciting violence as around 3, 600 people were killed before the peace agreement in 1998, according to the Indian Express.

The problem of Post-Brexit border posts for Ireland and Northern Ireland province of the UK is extremely vulnerable and sensitive. It has given rise to years of agitation over the question whether to remain in Ireland or the UK. The UK Government released a paper that it wants to have frictionless and intrusion proof borders.

The proposal even pointed out the absence of border posts and physical border infrastructure. The counter argument for this was that this would enable free movement of goods. The UK government also asserted that it wishes to retain the Common Travel Area. This is a treaty that allows for unrestricted movement between the UK and Ireland for the both the nations’ citizens.

According to a source at the UK government, in case of the issue of Post-Brexit border posts between Ireland and Northern Ireland province of the UK, both parties need to exercise imagination and flexibility.

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