Public Foot Fetish Stories You Need to Know About

Do you think you have a foot fetish? Are you worried about how people will see you? Don’t be; you’ve got nothing to worry about!

Medical experts say you can live very normally, even with a foot fetish. This phenomenon is characterized by a sexual attraction to feet and all related items. For example, you can be attracted to the size, shape, length, and feel of feet.

How Can I Tell If I Have a Foot Fetish?

If you have a foot fetish, you will probably like looking at, feeling, smelling, or licking/tasting feet. This phenomenon is also marked by a fixation on objects like

  • Footwear like heels, leather shoes, boots, loafers, and more
  • Hosiery, including stockings, garters, socks, knits, and more
  • Feet accessories like chains, rings, anklets, and more.

In most cases, feet fetishists like fondling or playing with feet. Your fetishism may urge you to give your partner a foot massage or buy them sexy footwear. You may even get frequent foot treatments, including soaks and pedicures.

You may also like licking or sucking feet if your case is more pronounced. Sometimes, the sight of brightly painted toes can be exceptionally arousing for feet fetishists. You may also find garters, tights, or stockings sexually attractive. In most cases, you will probably want to smell these items.

Even this is perfectly typical as more than 45% of feet fetishes have an olfactory angle. Almost half of all feet fetishists are attracted to the smell of feet, shoes, or socks. Aside from the smell, you may also be aroused by the feel, look, or taste of feet.


Reasons for Foot Fetishes 


Science traces attractions like these to the proximity of the feet-based sensors to the genital-based reactors in the brain. Experts believe that since these two regions neighbor each other, neural crosstalk is bound to occur.


So, sometimes, signals meant for the genital sensors are carried to the feet region and vice versa. As a result, you may feel arousal in your genital region when playing with your feet or having your feet played with.


Another potential reason to like feet may be the sensitivity of the region. The human foot has over 7000 nerve endings. When stimulated, these can create arousal and even climax for some people. Evidence like these proves that foot fetishes are 100% normal.


How to Deal With Foot Fetishes


However, if you are still worried, you can visit community sites like Reddit to find people with similar experiences. These forums have long threads where people can anonymously share their experiences with feet fetishism. The community also will be willing to answer your queries and help with your fear.


Sites like Reddit offer you a chance to find acceptance anonymously. Moreover, the members in these discussion threads are feet fetishists themselves. Their first-hand experience with the subject gives them a more nuanced perspective.


Public Foot Fetish Stories to Help You


As a result, they may be able to offer you better advice. You can also visit a specialist and discuss your inclinations for more info. Moreover, the following public stories of foot fetishes in popular media should help you realize this phenomenon is widely occurring.

Rapper Tyga Publically Professes His Love for Feet

In an interview with Genius, rapper Tyga once made this very juicy statement,

“You can have a girl that’s a 10 in the face and body, and feet are a 6 or 7, and it can just kill the whole thing. I can talk to a girl who is, like an 8, but her feet are a 10, but it makes me think she’s the baddest ever.” 


Based on the evidence, it is safe to say that the hip-hop star may have a very big foot fetish. Another clue to his apparent taste for feet may also be his fascination for his then-girlfriend Kylie Jenner’s toes.


According to reports, Tyga once told Jenner she should paint her toenails pink or blue even as he played with her feet. Moreover, Kylie and celebrities like Ashley Tisdale are known to have “attractive feet.” Coincidence? We think not!


Director Quentin Tarantino’s Famed Fixation for Feet


The title for Hollywood’s most famous and public feet fetish goes to Quentin Tarantino. The director has famously revealed the feet of his lead actresses in multiple films. His close-ups include shots of toes belonging to industry biggies like Uma Thurman, Dakota Fanning, Margot Robbie, and Salma Hayek.


On Tarantino’s obsession with feet, actor Brad Pitt once jokingly remarked that the director had “separated more women from their shoes than the TSA.”



If you want to explore your interests, you can visit famous sites like Feetfinder. These platforms are fast-growing marketplaces where you can acquire feet-based content. You can buy videos and images and even request custom content from your seller.

These places can be a massive help as they offer a variety of feet pictures and videos. As a safe, anonymous space, you can explore your interests without worrying about divulging your identity.


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