Qatar World Cup: Qatar Aims to Be More Friendly Towards Tourists

Qatar World Cup: Qatar Aims to Be More Friendly Towards Tourists 1

The Qatar world cup is coming up soon, and that is making the country try to make things look better for everyone else. Here is a look at all the things that the country is trying to change.

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Qatar World Cup: Electronic System Makes it Easier to Hire Foreign Workers

From the start of next year, Qatar is to introduce an electronic system that will make it easier for Qatari’s in the private sector to recruit and hire foreign employees. In addition to this, the Prime Minister of Qatar has vowed to streamline the process for work visas and reduce waiting time for approval. At the moment it can be a long wait to get your working visa if you come from certain countries, and depending upon the type of job you are applying for.

But with the decline in oil prices, the nation that borders Saudi Arabia is trying to develop its private sector to counteract the budget deficit from the reduced oil prices. All of the processes that the prospective employer has to go through when applying on behalf of their employee will be handled by modern software to make the process clearer and far faster.

There has been a construction boom as Qatar gets ready to host the FIFA World Cup 2022,but there is a need for white-collar workers as well as unskilled workers. Project Management and Engineering are among the most sought after skills in Qatar with recruitment drives often underway to find and hire highly skilled foreign talent. Other in-demand job skills are for CEO’s, Banking Treasury and Branch Managers, IT Managers, Marketing and Real Estate Management and HR Managers as well as Finance Managers. Qatar is popular with Arab nationals too as they can earn more than their Asian and European counterparts.

Qatar is ranked as one of the most popular countries in which to live in the Emirates and it is known for having competitive salary packages to attract the very best staff from around the world. Currently expats are only able to bring their families with them if they earn over 10,000 QR and couples have to be married if they plan on living together. Due to the high numbers of immigrants in Qatar, there is a lot of competition for school places, so when you know when you are moving, apply for a place at your school of choice as soon as possible and check to see if your company offers a school fee allowance.

The healthcare system is well run and even offers free emergency treatment to anyone who registers. Your employer should pay into a Universal Health Insurance System for you, as this is now mandatory. Keep in mind that Qatar uses the Kafala sponsorship system, where foreign workers are linked to their employer, which means that you have to get your employer’s permission to leave the country. If you are interested in moving to Qatar then a Career Overseas advisor can talk to you about the e-visa system and how to go about applying for jobs in Qatar.


Qatar World Cup – Airlines slashes Rates Significantly

The airlines all over the world seem to compete with each other to offer the best deals for the passengers. Qatar airlines have started the new year with a bang by announcing their “Travel sale” where the prices of some of the popular destinations have been slashed all the way down. Now, thanks to these great rates, more customers have started booking their tickets well in advance.

Now it is possible for tourists to get a roundtrip ticket from Atlanta to Kuala Lumpur for $ 475, with tickets to other destinations being marked down similarly. A round trip ticket to Bangkok from Dallas is pegged at $ 480 while a round trip ticket from LA to Jakarta will set you back by $ 500.
While one can expect more airlines to follow suit, Qatar Airlines stands out from the rest, with these attractive rates. In addition, they have also halved the price on those who travel together, making their travel sale a real bonanza for all travelers alike.

However, you may want to book your tickets up front since any special rates often lead to a rush for tickets. Just ensure that you book your tickets well ahead of your travel date but above all, check if the new rate would be applicable on the date of your trip. You can visit the Qatar travel festival website to check out the latest rates for various destinations and the terms and conditions, review it and book your tickets in advance.

Remember the sale ends soon, but you should be able to use the tickets you purchase all year long, which makes it worthwhile. Do check out the website and find out if you would still have access to all the perks when traveling at these reduced rates. You can also get a certain percent off the reduced rate, slashing the final price further by using your Visa card for purchasing them.

Qatar World Cup – Qatar Regrets Strict Visa Rules Implemented By Bahrain

Qatar and Bahrain are two Gulf countries that have always been at war with each other. Recently, Bahrain imposed stricter visa rules on Qatari nationals. Qatar regrets that Bahrain took such a decision. It has further worsened the political deadlock between the two island nations.

Ali Khalfan Al Mansouri, Qatar’s representative to the United Nations, said that the move by Bahrain is a breach in the resolutions and agreements of the Gulf Cooperation Council. Stricter visa rules will be effective from November 10, 2017. Al Mansouri said that the move reflects Bahrain’s wish to severe ties with other Gulf countries. Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) consists of six nations including Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Oman.

Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia has imposed a land, water, and air ban on Qatar since June 5, 2017. Bahraini officials said that the decision was made to protect the country and keep it safe. Doha, Qatar’s capital has decided to strengthen ties with Iran. The official said that it isn’t healthy and want to stay away from Qatar because of it. All three countries have accused Qatar of increasing ties with terrorist groups. Qatar has obviously denied all the claims.

Qatar World Cup: Qatar Aims to Be More Friendly Towards Tourists 2

Source: Visit Qatar

They don’t like the independence

Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Emir of Qatar, said that Qatar is a very independent country. Egypt, Bahrain, and the UAE don’t like Qatar’s independence. He said he wants freedom of speech for the people of his kingdom. The three countries aren’t happy with that and feel it will be a threat to them. Bahrain is the most anti-Qatar nation out of the three.

On Monday, November 1, Bahrain announced that it will not attend the annual GCC summit if Qatar is present. Bahrain suggested to freeze their membership until the remaining four nations unfreeze it.

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