Federal Detention Center for Immigrants

In shocking research, it was found that in the United Kingdom, female immigrants in England who are going through trauma after sexual violence are locked. They are locked in the notorious Yarl’s Wood federal detention center for immigrants. The UK government is breaching its policies. The research was started by a charity called Women for Refugee Women.

The UK introduced a new policy called – adults at risk. According to it, women who have experienced gender or sexual violence and are harmed by federal detention would not be kept in jail.

Women for Refugee Women interviewed around 26 women refugees who are detained in Yarl’s Wood federal detention center for immigrants after the policy came into force. Out of them, 22 were either a victim of sexual or gender-based violence. Twenty-three of them were detained for more than a month. All of the 26 said that were depressed as they were kept back in the center. Thirteen women wanted to kill themselves, and two of them had tried committing suicide.


Depressed Woman


1,500 women locked up every year
Around 1,500 immigrant women seeking shelter are locked up in federal detention centers every year in the UK. They are put in the federal detention centers for an indefinite period, and themselves do not know when they will be released. A woman (chose not to be named) is detained despite telling the officials that her husband forced her into prostitution. After finding out, the officials agreed on the case, but she is still in the center. The woman hails from Nigeria. She is kept in detention for more than six months.

Yarl’s Wood detention center is inhumane, unnecessary and inefficient. In 2016, only 15 percent were left free from the center. The remaining 85 percent were left in a community to fight for their claims.

Natasha Walter, founder, Women for Refugee Women, said that a good asylum should be established where everyone will be heard.



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