Remain Calm and Call a Lawyer: Dealing With a DUI Arrest

Remain Calm and Call a Lawyer: Dealing With a DUI Arrest 1

The idea of being arrested for driving under the influence never entered your mind. Since it’s happened, now is the time to take action. Don’t try to deal with the situation on your own. Call a lawyer and prepare to deal with what is to come. There are ways to beat DUI charges in certain cases, and one of those ways may apply to you. Here are a few tips that will help you increase the odds of avoiding a conviction. 

Contact a Lawyer as Quickly as Possible

You have the right to retain legal counsel. The moment that you have the opportunity to do so contact a lawyer. That chance may come while you are still at the scene, but it’s more likely to happen when you arrive at the police station. Whatever the setting, make it clear that you want to have a lawyer present. This is something that law enforcement will honor. 


Answer Questions With Your Legal Counsel Present

You can choose not to answer anything other than basic questions until your legal counsel arrives. For example, it’s fine to provide basic information like your name, permanent address, and additional contact information. What you don’t have to discuss is anything that has to do with the charges. 

After your lawyer arrives, the two of you will have the opportunity to confer in private. Once you’re ready, it will be time to sit down with the authorities and see what questions they want to ask at this time. Your lawyer will advise whether to answer a question or if it may be something that needs to remain unanswered at present. 

Tell Your Lawyer Everything That You Can Remember

While meeting with your legal counsel in private, tell the lawyer every detail that you can remember. It doesn’t matter how insignificant something may seem to you—providing as much information as possible places your lawyer in the position of determining what’s important to your case and what isn’t. 

There’s a chance some minor detail that means nothing to you could mean a great deal to your legal counsel. This is especially true if the detail has to do with something the arresting officers said or did. While you may not be aware of it, those words or actions may be outside the scope of the procedures that the officers are supposed to follow. If so, that could be the means of getting the charges dismissed. 


Follow Your Lawyer’s Lead When the Case Comes Before a Judge

If the matter ends up in court, it’s important to conduct yourself in a non-disruptive manner. Your lawyer will provide guidelines on how to act while the court is in session. That includes ways to communicate with your legal counsel during the proceedings discreetly. Opting to avoid outbursts and other distractions will go a long way toward making a better impression on the court. 

Remember that a DUI is a crime. Just as with any criminal proceeding, it’s important to work closely with your legal counsel. Whether you want to find out more about assault charges and lawyers or get an idea of what can be done to make DUI charges go away, turn to your legal counsel and cooperate to the best of your ability. Doing so increases the odds of an outcome that is easier for you to face. 

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