Russia E-Visa For India: Russia Launching E-Visa For Indians

Russia E-Visa For India: Russia Launching E-Visa For Indians 1

Russia E-Visa For India: Back in The USSR

Russia e-visa for India


Russia is planning to ease visa restrictions for Indian tourists and introduce Russia e-visa for India, in a bid to encourage travel to Russia. Currently out of the 18 million people who travel out of India, 30,000 visits Russia every year. Also, direct flights to Moscow and St. Petersburg from Mumbai are being planned to make travel easier.

Along with the Russia e-visa for India, plans are afoot to advertise holidays in Russia on Indian television, and other Indian tourist friendly measures are being put in place to capitalize on the lucrative Indian tourist market.

In addition to the Russia e-visa for India, Indian tour operators will be given the chance to complete a certification/recognition course, which specializes in Russian tours.

As language can be an issue when traveling, tourism authorities in Russia through the Russia e-visa for India are hoping to increase their numbers of English/Hindi translators to encourage more people to holiday in their country.

Benefits Of Russia E-Visa For India

Draws such as the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup are expected to see travelers coming from around the globe, and Indian football fans are no exception. Indian tour operators are expected to plan tailor-made FIFA packages for football supporters to go and catch the World Cup.

The reason for new Russia e-visa for India is the outbound tourism market in India which is growing exponentially and has even surpassed China. This makes South Asia a potentially lucrative market for countries seeking to attract more holidaymakers. Currently, France is the number one European destination for Indian travelers followed by Great Britain as increased wages in India have led to increased travel abroad. So many other countries want to show Indian tourists what they have to offer, and Russia is certainly not lacking in beautiful architecture and landscape as well as a unique language and culture which it hopes to open up with the new Russia e-visa for India. Guided tours with translators will give visiting Indian tourists a taste of what Russia has to offer, from art to cuisine and a burgeoning nightlife, Russia looks set to be the next hip holiday destination.




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