Samsung Lies on Galaxy S21 Sim compatibility in US & Canada

Samsung Lies on Galaxy S21 Sim compatibility in US & Canada 1

Samsung has always launched single sim phones in Canada (or the U.S.).

Except the notable exception of the Galaxy Fold, all other phones till date to be released in Canada and U.S. have been single sim. Perhaps it’s Samsung policy. Perhaps the Big Three in Canada doesn’t want more competition – there is no consensus on why Samsung doesn’t want to launch dual sim phones in the U.S. and Canada. But Apple and Google do seem to have dual sim phones in the U.S and Canadian markets.

However, we do know one thing – Samsung doesn’t want to admit this, at least not when it launches new phones. For every major Galaxy series phone launched since 2020, the company has misled new buyers with false advertising.

Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Note 20 have also had the same issue happening – as many Reddit users would argue.

Their defence has always been that the company produces different phones for different markets. U.S. markets for instance are getting a single sim model whereas Asian markets get a dual sim one. But if you are enticing buyers to buy a phone based on that one feature – which you specifically state to exist – but isn’t there, is the consumer to blame for it?

With the S21 too, on the day of the launch, the Canadian site specifically talked about how the S21 you will buy was a dual sim phone. We just wonder how we can see the same pattern with each release?

Samsung Lies on Galaxy S21 Sim compatibility in US & Canada 2


The Samsung U.S. site goes on to even mention that Samsung Galaxy S21 models sold will have esim and dual sim feature. Hint: It does not! 

Samsung Lies on Galaxy S21 Sim compatibility in US & Canada 3



There is no consensus as to why Samsung keeps disabling eSim for Canadian and U.S. customers.

The confusions range from botched customer support to outright lies on the Samsung website itself (see picture below). Samsung has been vague on its part too – stating that it may enable sim support for Galaxy owners in the future. It’s already been more than a year since the launch of the S20 – and the promise just doesn’t hold true anymore. When it comes to the launch of S20 and Galaxy Note, several Reddit users pointed out how they were misled by Samsung customer chat support agents.

Samsung Lies on Galaxy S21 Sim compatibility in US & Canada 4

Accessed on Samsung Canada site –


If you’re still wondering, – No, while the order page clearly says you will get a dual sim in the picture above – should you preorder the Galaxy S21 – you will not. Just to be sure, we chatted up with Samsung Canada support too – and here are the replies we got.

Samsung Lies on Galaxy S21 Sim compatibility in US & Canada 5


The option continues to be online at the time of publishing. We wonder whether Samsung Canada would take a return based on the fact that they have falsely advertised on the site?

We don’t know how a class action lawsuit hasn’t been brought in till now against the clearly unethical practices – but we sure hope there is one soon! What do you think of this? Is Samsung willfully doing this to entice customers to buy new Galaxy phones – and keeping them in the loop (to avoid returns) with the false promise that they will enable eSim availability on the phone in the near future? Or, are they actually looking to bring the update and open up eSim to U.S. and Canadian customers sometime?

*The following piece is an opinion piece written by Soubhik. 

6 thoughts on “Samsung Lies on Galaxy S21 Sim compatibility in US & Canada”

  1. Finally a honest review not bought by Samsung. This is because we have a lame market!
    A $1500 phone that does not work as it supposed to be. Featured as dual sim everywhere while is not available!
    Insane that the Samsung is able to fool people like that. Glad that I left them years ago!

  2. Any chance you’d be willing to share these screen shots and your chat logs? I’m going to try to bring this to advertising standards with with government of Canada

    1. Hello Justin,

      Im in flight with Samsung related to the same issue on my Z Flip phone. I also have screenshots with of the website with misleading advertisements. It would be great if you can advise me about sending the complaints to the proper government channels. I am also happy to share the screenshots and emails with you if you wanna have a look at them.

  3. Class action lawsuit would get a lot of traction. Likely they will just remove the incorrect statements from the website, not actually fix what we want: DUAL SIM

    Ive been waiting for over a year for my S20, no chance were gonna get it.

    I buy my phones outright, I guess the solution is buy the international version. But of course, then you have no warranty. And you dont get the same LTE bands nor the same Qualcomm chip.. Only apple can swing their weight with something like this, the Samsung experience is a joke, especially their stores. They dont handle warranty, repair, and theyre all third party. I love my samsung phones but just shows how superior Apple is in this regard

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