Should Aspiring Developers Aim to Work in Canada?

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Icy Canada TeamOctober 28, 2020
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Canada is one of the fastest-growing markets in the gaming industry, ranking number eight in the world in terms of revenue from games. What’s more impressive is that the North American country has the lowest population of any of the countries in the top ten with 37.7 million.

Despite this, Canada still generates revenue of $3.051 billion from gaming which is highly impressive. This makes the country one of the world’s hotspots for people interested in pursuing a career in game development. Aspiring developers could seek to get in at the ground level at a startup and work their way up from there.

Development is a Great Career Path

Canada is an attractive country for people looking for a place to study because it is home to some of the world’s top universities. But people don’t just come here because of the top-quality education, they are also tempted by the countless lucrative opportunities available in the country for postgraduates.

For anyone interested in following a career path in game development, Canada has options from college life to all the different stages of a career.

A vast number of universities offer computer science courses in the country, with the University of Toronto perhaps being the most esteemed of the various options. It is ranked in the top 25 universities in the world for this course and has been helping students become computer proficient for more than fifty years.

Studying in the city means that students who finish the course will already be situated in one of the best places in Canada for jobs in the gaming industry.

Canada is a Hotspot For Gaming Companies

Canada has options in various fields, no matter what area of gaming interests an aspiring developer. It may be a good idea to look at the most flourishing sectors and seek to get into those businesses on the ground level to take advantage of their expansion over the next few years.

One offshoot of gaming that is constantly swelling is the online casino industry, and this is a hugely popular form of gaming in Canada. The extensive game libraries at online casinos now include a vast range of slots of diverse genres like Immortal Romance and Cleopatra, along with table games and live options of classics like roulette and blackjack and original options such as Dream Catcher. Innovative developers will see plenty of chances to make a name for themselves here, as the industry is clearly open to new advancements and ideas.

The mobile industry could be a fruitful sector for aspiring developers to jump on. This has been rapidly growing over the last ten years, and the sector is now worth $68.5 billion in 2020. There are some famous mobile game developers in Canada including Big Blue Bubble, Hothead Games, and Next Level Games. There is also the massive console sector, of course, and Canada is home to some of the world’s best developers in this branch of gaming. These included Capybara Games and Rockstar Toronto.

Getting in at a Startup Could be the Best Approach

It would be hard for someone who had just finished university to get a job at one of the powerhouses like Rockstar, but this doesn’t mean to say it wouldn’t be possible in the future.

The best way for developers to get the top jobs is to start at the bottom and work up from there. Looking for jobs at startup companies is a wise move for university graduates, as it can help them gain the vital experience required to make it in the business.

Toronto is a hotbed for gaming startups, with some notable companies that have emerged from the city in recent years. These include the likes of Bamboo Sunset creator Big Viking Games, Massive Damage, and Luminosity. Finding the emerging players in the industry is key to achieving success in the gaming industry.

Not only does Canada have some of the best universities at which to study computer programming, but it also offers a vast number of opportunities for graduates once they have finished the course. With the Canadian immigration process being fairly simple, it is an attractive option for people from other countries. Developers who want to get on the ladder should start off at a small company and work their way up from there.

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