Should You Opt-In For A Slots Deposit Bonus?

Should You Opt-In For A Slots Deposit Bonus? 1

Online casino slot players may come across many types of bonuses, but the two main types are deposit bonuses and no deposit bonuses – check out Pirates Frenzy. These usually come as welcome and promotional offers that give the new as well as the old slot players some bonus in the form of cashback, free spins, and loyalty rewards.

Deposit Bonuses

They are generally known as first deposit bonuses offered as a welcome package for the new casino slots players. Different online casinos come up with such lucrative offers that fascinate the new players into becoming members at their site from time to time. Overall, the welcome bonus is the first advantageous offer that helps the player start winning handsome credit if they opt to play for real money.

Some Basic Principles for Slots Deposit Bonus

Online slot sites impose some wagering requirements while offering their bonus, and to get their cash deposits from the welcome offers, the players must meet those wagering requirements. Otherwise, there is a significant risk that the players might withdraw their welcome bonus offer without playing, and it will cause a big loss for the casino site. As for the wagering requirements are concerned, it means that you need to follow the roll-over bonus, let’s say 25x, 50x, or 75x, etc., before you request for withdrawal.

Claim Slots Deposit Bonus!

As it is evident from the term that the deposit bonuses must meet the deposit requirements as per the casino’s bonus rules at which you might be signing up. In case you fail to meet those requirements, then your casino won’t allow you to withdraw even when you have won a big sum of prizes.

Similarly, you cannot claim your winnings when you cancel the welcome bonus offer, and you may feel bound by such policies, which is pretty annoying. Therefore, it is crucial to opt-in for the welcome bonus that requires a deposit amount of 30% or below. Below are some other conditions that you must also go through before signing up for a welcome bonus at a slot site. 

  •         Slots Specific: Many slots sites their deposit welcome bonus on specific slots, and players can win cash rewards as well as free spins. Therefore, it is essential to carefully check what games are excluded and included in the bonus offer.
  •         Variant Bet Policy: Many slot sites also have specific policies related to betting while playing, such as when you start playing with high bets and then lose or win high. Next, you switch to the low betting limits that may affect your winnings.


Based on the discussion as mentioned above, availing slots deposit bonus is a thoughtful act. If you are enthusiastic about collecting the deposit bonus winnings, you should be mindful of fulfilling the requirements. It is also crucial that you should read the guidelines carefully; otherwise, there is a danger that you may lose your winnings. Therefore, before choosing to play at an online slot site, you must review its welcome offer and see if it suits your budget or not.

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