Skating Towards Profit: Analyzing Trends in NHL Betting Odds Among Canadian Fans

Online sports betting in Canada at licensed and regulated iGaming sites from a smartphone, tablet, desktop computer or laptop is now more popular than ever. Canadians can now place a wager from almost any location and at any time of the day, thanks to today’s pre-match and in-play betting services. 

Here is a closer look at several common trends in NHL betting odds among Canadian fans. We will also be revealing which team will most likely win the 2023/24 NHL Championship outright based on the latest average odds. 

Many common sports betting trends are helping some people place strategic bets that are more likely (but never guaranteed) to return a profit. They are designed to give people an edge over the website where they place sports bets; some are more effective than others. 

Here are some of the biggest NHL betting trends that are more common than others in 2023:

  1. Moneyline betting on the underdogs still isn’t worth it unless it’s against the spread or when handicapping future NHL bets, which has proven to work more often than not for some bettors and has recently been trending
  2. When betting on the underdogs, betting on them winning at home rather than away has also been a common trending bet recently
  3. Although it’s a difficult outcome to predict, betting on NHL totals is a popular trending bet
  4. Another trend right now is outright betting on the Colorado Avalanche to win the 2023/24 NHL Championship
  5. The Boston Bruins to win the Atlantic Division is also currently trending, but not to win the NHL Championship outright 

Can the Colorado Avalanche win the 2023/24 NHL Championships outright?

To better understand how likely Colorado Avalanche will go on to win the 2023/24 NHL Championship, we must first look at the latest NHL betting odds – 10bet has to offer. 

This fully licensed and regulated online bookmaker (sports betting site) is known for having some of the most competitive NHL odds. 

At the time of writing, you will see that the Colorado Avalanche are currently priced at around +800 in the American/moneyline odds format to win the 2023/24 NHL Championship outright. 

In other words, there’s an 11.10% implied probability rate (IPR) of them going on to win the title. It may not seem that great, but these odds and the implied probability rate are better than any other NHL team’s chances of winning. 

Let’s take a quick look at the latest NHL Championship outright winner odds for comparison:

  • Vegas Golden Knights – also priced at +800 in the American/moneyline odds format, meaning they are the joint odds-on favourite team to win along with Colorado Avalanche
  • Boston Bruins – currently priced at +850 with a 10.50% implied probability rate
  • Dallas Stars – currently priced at +900 with a 10.00% IPR
  • New York Rangers – currently priced at +10,000 with a 9.10% IPR

Yes. Some of the other popular betting trends right now are for the Boston Bruins to win the 2023/24 NHL Eastern Conference outright at +425 with a 19.00% IPR, Colorado Avalanche to win the Western Conference outright at +350 with a 22.20% IPR, and the Los Angeles Kings to win the Pacific Division at +105 with a 48.80% IPR. 

The New York Rangers to win the Metropolitan Division at -250 (with a whopping 71.40% IPR) is currently trending, along with Connor Bedard to win the Calder Memorial Trophy at -370 (78.70% IPR), and Jack Hughes to win the Hart Memorial Trophy at +350 (22.20% IPR), to name a few trending bets. 

What is the safest website for placing sports bets in Canada?

The safest online sports betting site for Canadians is the official online sportsbook, which uses 128-bit SSL encryption software around the clock to protect your money, personal details, and payment method information. 

The reputable operator of this world-class iGaming site is one of the most trusted names in the industry. The site is fully licensed and regulated by the Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission – one of only a few ‘top tier’ online gambling licensing authorities, and it accepts only the most secure, reliable, and convenient Canadian online payment methods.

Final note

To give yourself a much better chance at winning any NHL bets you place, you should always take your time to research an upcoming event as much as possible. Learning things like recent results, historical results between the two teams, current form, and any other relevant team news and data you can get your hands on can help you place far more informed bets that are more likely to win. 


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