Slot Games with the lowest RTP 

Slot Games with the lowest RTP  1

Something that most beginner slot gamblers do not pay enough attention to when they first start spinning those reels is the concept of RTP, or Return To Player. It is no secret that beginner slot gamblers are prone to losing more money than the most experienced ones, however what many people do not realise is that this can be more out of poor game choices, rather than any actual skill when playing Rio Bingo.

All of the most experienced slot gamblers in the world will pay very special attention to RTP, because with this knowledge you can adequately predict what the average amount of money you will win back from your wager will be. Far too often people play games with inferior RTPs and wonder why they are losing… well the answer is right in front of their eyes! Read on for some slot games with the lowest RTP, ones that you should probably avoid. 

Slot Games with the lowest RTP  2

Sassy Bingo 

Of course, when you ask most people what the biggest gambling success story of the 21st century is they will by and large answer with online slots, however many people also forget the riotous success of bingo too. It makes perfect sense to blend these two things together, does it not? And that is exactly what Microgaming have done with Sassy Bingo. 

The good news is that bingo players and slots fanatics will be monumentally satisfied by this intriguing fusion, however the bad news is that the RTP here is well below 94%, which is definitely quite meagre by today’s standards. 

Mega Joker 

Hang on a minute, what? Mega Joker in a lowest RTPs list? Isn’t this classic NetEnt online slot meant to have the highest RTP of them all? Well, whilst this is true if you are betting in the highest possible increments, Mega Joker also has a potential RTP of just 70% if you bet with the smallest amounts possible. 

Although this is pretty poor by today’s standards, it is also worth remembering that Mega Joker is a progressive online slot game, and this means that its eventual jackpot can be well into the millions. Of course, it still doesn’t properly rectify this sub-standard RTP number, but we doubt many people will care too much if they are faced with a multi-million-pound jackpot, would they? 

X-Men 50 Lines 

The X-Men franchise is one of the most iconic of all the fantasy superhero movies, attracting fans from all around the world due to its blend of sci-fi, action, comedy and often romance too. Well, Playtech has shone a taste for film-themed slots, and X-Men 50 Lines is one of their extensive range of these types of slot games. 

With 50 pay lines and extremely good graphics, it does seem as though they are on to a winner here with X-Men 50 Lines, however, the reality is that with an RTP of 92% it may not actually be that great. We blame the licensing costs!

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