Slot Themes That Players Love 

Slot Themes That Players Love  1

Slots have been the most popular form of gambling for some time now and it is thought that their simplicity, accessibility and variety, all contribute to their success. With so many slots out there trying to compete with each other for the attention of punters, slots have had to up their game and offer punters a hook to keep them interested.

All slots developers would like to create a unique slot that stands out. This can be achieved through bonus features that offer free spins or huge multipliers and sticky wilds. Or they can contain a random feature that gains legendary status such as the Wild Storm feature in Thunderstruck II. However, slots studios have slowly discovered that themed slots have become extremely popular with the gambling public and this is why there are so many of them out there – click to play slots now.

Why Themes Work 

Themed slots are successful because they add another level to the game play. If punters are interested in Ancient Egypt then they know what symbols and set ups to expect. If punters like vampires then they know that they will be in for an atmospheric gambling experience if they play the slots based on them. Some themes can also be tailored for the sexes and this can help punters quickly choose a game to play, instead of getting lost within the depths of online casino slots lobbies. Pixies Of The Forest and Fluffy Favourites are hits with female audiences whilst games like Playboy appeal to a mostly male crowd. 

Different Types Of Themes 

Considering that slots creators look towards the outside world for inspiration, then it is not surprising to discover that there are many themed slots out there. Anything from animals to countries and their cultural beliefs are utilized to create slot games we all love. Whether its slots based on safaris, the frozen north or cats, themes serve a purpose. 

The Most Popular Themes 

There is no avoiding the fact that the most popular themed slots are those based on hit movie franchises and TV series. These work because they literally have millions of fans across the globe and they are willing to lap up anything connected to them. This preexisting fan base means that there is a ready-made audience for these slots and this gives these games a vital head start over their competitors.

The biggest of the slots studios now use their financial might, to purchase the rights to big movie franchises and this includes superhero films. Superheroes have enjoyed unrivaled success since the mid-1990s and the very nature of these characters and films are perfect for slots. They are dramatic, action-packed and each superhero has a special power than can be utilized within the base game or bonus round of a slot. 

Final Thoughts 

It’s clear to see why the big slots studios like Playtech are willing to dig deep into their pockets to own the rights to superheroes and their movies. Fans can play slots containing the essence and star names from the movies and their favourite actors and characters are now brought to life on the reels.

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