Slots that Raised Controversy on Their Release 

Slots that Raised Controversy on Their Release  1

The worldwide slot gambling industry has had a pretty crazy ride over the century of its existence, with each decade seemingly bringing a new development in this field with it too. Don’t believe us? Well, why don’t we just take a brief look at how the development of slots over the years has risen exponentially. In the late 1800s Charles D. Fey created the first commercially viable Liberty Bell slot machine, and it only took 50 years for these machines to sweep the US and become one of Las Vegas’ flagship offerings from top online slot sites.

Slots that Raised Controversy on Their Release  2

Little more than 50 years on from this we have online slots, and the development of these incredibly online gambling games has seen the slots industry grow at a terrifying rate. Seriously, the annual revenue that the slots industry now brings in each year is equivalent to the total revenue made in the whole of the 20th century – it’s crazy! Much of this is down to the fantastic work done by online slot developers such as NetEnt and Microgaming. However there have been slots over the years that have raised great controversy on their release, let’s take a look at some.  

OMG! Kittens 

As you can probably tell from the name, OMG! Kittens is an online slot game that is completely and utterly obsessed with the world of these feline little wonders, and as such the aesthetic is incredibly cute and fluffy. Doesn’t sound that bad, does it? And we wouldn’t blame you for wondering how OMG! Kittens got on our controversial slots list, however just you wait until you hear what happened to it. 

Due to its incredibly child-friendly aesthetic OMG! Kittens was actually banned by slot regulators very soon after its initial release – talk about controversial! And the thing is they weren’t even being dramatic, because one 13-year-old kid managed to start playing the slot using his father’s credit card. 

Dark Knight 

There aren’t many people who haven’t seen the incredible Dark Knight Batman film, a motion picture known for the particularly intense portrayal of the Joker by Heath Ledger. The cultural impact of this film is absolutely massive, so there was no way that the online slot industry wasn’t going to try and make an online slot game on it. 

The Dark Knight slot was very well received upon its release, and it even made one particularly lucky Australian businessman incredibly rich when he won a whopping $10.4 million whilst playing. So then, what’s so controversial about this slot? Well, it had a few licensing issues behind the scenes, and ended up having to be discontinued. 

Space Diggers 

Playtech are one of the world’s most experienced online slot developers having started out in 1999, and they are also responsible for many online slot favourites from over the years. The developer was sucked into controversy, however, with their slot Space Diggers that was lauded as containing an exciting piece of technology called Game Modifier. 

Well, it wasn’t that well received, because Game Modifier technology essentially gave online casino sites the option to change the RTP of the slot.

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