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Icy Canada TeamMay 31, 2022
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The esports gaming market is vast and one of the fastest-growing industries worldwide. Esports betting Canada is by most accounts the leader of the pack. In this article, we would like to take a look at the overview of this modern-day trend.

Sports betting vs Esports betting

Esports is still the new kid on the block. Fans in the sports field seem to have a tendency to compare sports betting to Esports betting. This is a non-comparison.  Traditional sports betting is wagering on physical sporting events. Players on a traditional team have long-standing records. They play in various locations, and in all kinds of weather. They are susceptible to illness and injury. All of these things are taken into account when a fan places a wager on them. 

Esports games are online games. They are skill-based and are played in an arena or in some cases in a casino. Weather conditions do not affect the outcome of the game. While there is always a chance of a player becoming ill or hurt, it is a rare event. The only thing these have in common in the digital world is both types can place bets online

In some cases, the types of bets bettor places differ. In traditional sports, “spread bets” are common. This is betting on how close the team will win or lose. In esports, this is not a usual bet. Esports betting is more often placed with Moneyline betting. This is simply wagering on who will win or lose. There are other types of bets, these are just the most common.

Esports is a community

When we attend a traditional sports game, we watch and cheer for our players. But that is pretty much the end of the line. Esports is the polar opposite of that. Of course, placing bets is the fun part, and you are offered various methods. 

Esports has more of a “Hands-On” feel. When a fan enters a traditional game, the fans can place a bet, then watch the game. Esports takes that experience to a high level. Some esports think it makes more sense to let the Epsort fans take a closer look. Some operators allow esports players to play with other esports players. Esports fans are much more connected. They actually interact with the game. 

In some cases, levels show the bettor how to integrate their offering as an esports betting platform to gain better access to engage and entertain the punter. Esports fans seem to want this and it is often talked about. In 2022, competition is entertainment. Many large names in the industry are already offering peer-to-peer wagers. The fans are happy to keep up with this learning curve. 

Are Esports really sports?

According to Oxford Languages.  Sports are defined as an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes. Esports combines the traditional with the newest leg of the sport. Click here for a broader understanding.

Do not be mistaken into thinking traditional sports have a monopoly on this. Esports players, work very hard and train aggressively. They take their positions seriously. Esports players are given a position to play. They are required to play 8-10 hours per day (even on most weekends. Great steps are taken to mimic the tournament event. Loud music is played to make it noisy ( unending talking, cheering, yelling, or simply laughing can throw a player off if he is unaccustomed to quiet. The harsh stage lights are sometimes a problem. This means they will flood the area with light so as not to throw off a player. It takes practice.


An esports team must be ready for everything that is thrown their way. There is an enormous amount of physical and mental training in the world of esports.


Nutrition, sleep, health, and stress are all factors that must be considered when you hire assistance. When we are in a long-standing tournament, we know there are those who want us to fail. But, just like in traditional sports training is necessary. These are professional teammates and their training is just as important as the training of any other athlete. 




We are a global sports community. We play, watch, bet on, and expect sporting events. Esports is a new generation of sports. It is just as competitive, and just as exciting. In many ways, it kicks the world of professional sports up a notch. There will come a generation who will see esports as any other sport. It is a way to train your mind and body to overcome obstacles. This trend is expected to live on for many years. While there will come other teams and tools to get esports to its rightful to incorporate these special games into the wonderful world of sports.

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