Starting a Low-investment IT Business in Canada  

Starting a Low-investment IT Business in Canada   1

Being an entrepreneur has many advantages. Ranging from flexible hours to being your own boss, it is quite the dream of many people. However, it is not an easy job to lay down the foundations of a startup and not everyone has the resources to invest large amounts of money as capital.  

Apart from the fact that you can earn a substantial amount of money by participating in online casinos, there are also other numerous profitable options for IT businesses that you can start in Canada. Here is a compilation of a list of ideas to help you get started.

  • Designing and Selling Print-on-demand T-shirts
  • Self-publish your Book on Amazon
  • Upload your music
  • Sell a Service 
  • Starting your Online Clothing Store 
  • Sell handcrafted Goods Online 
  • Become an Influencer
  • Start a YouTube Channel
  • Start App Development
  • Become a Copywriter 

Designing and Selling Print-on-demand T-shirts  

This business model puts the responsibility of inventory and shipping in the hands of a third-party supplier. With the customization of designs on shirts, hats, hoodies, skirts, and bags, etc., you can tap into your creative powers and come up with unique designs to fulfil the needs of your particular target audience.   

Even if you are not a professional designer, the biggest advantage of being a freelance entrepreneur is that all you need to do is log in to sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Dribble, or 99Designs, and start your career with no upfront cost whatsoever.  

Self-publish your Book on Amazon 

With the digitalization of the era, everything is switching from its hectic and time-consuming traditional methods to the easy and less costly process of just doing it online- even publishing. Even if you cannot secure a deal with a traditional publishing house, you can still self-publish your book at sites like Amazon, etc. This not only gives you the freedom to follow your passion for writing while retaining your independence as an entrepreneur, but it is also an easy and effective way of ensuring a good stream of income.  

Upload your music   

If you are an individual with a knack for music, you can monetize your talent by posting your songs or covers of your favourite artists on sites like YouTube, etc. Not only is it free to upload your music there, but it also has a huge audience for every genre of music looking for more sensational artists to listen to, which just might be you! 

Sell a Service 

This is quite an easy business to start that does not require much investment and yet proves to be quite lucrative. By working as a writer, graphic designer, virtual assistant, SEO consultant, cleaning service provider, or even a real estate professional, you can start earning as a part-time worker before switching to full-time entirely once your business expands.  

Starting your Online Clothing Store

If you are someone who has a thing for fashion designing but never pursued a degree or career in the field, you can still do so now. By using social media sites like Instagram and Facebook etc., you can market your business among family and friends and post their feedback on your account, and start attracting other people to buy your product. You can even model yourself for the clothes you design by using your phone and self-timer. While purchasing the clothes and getting them stitched might cost a little, the forms of marketing mentioned here are completely free!   

Sell handcrafted Goods Online 

If you are someone fond of DIY or have a talent for making goods like hand-crafted jewellery, or even pottery, you can easily start a business in that area. There is a minimal initial cost and since it is sustainable, you are also saving the environment. However, instead of buying or renting a place that may cost quite a fortune, you can just spare some space in your room and market your goods through the easily accessible and relatively much cheaper platform of social media.  

Become an Influencer 

This might seem a little odd at first but believe it or not, every influencer you see online –yes, even most of the fancy ones- started as amateurs. By selecting a niche and working on it, you can get paid partnerships with brands that might prove to be quite profitable with next to no investment (much like the Interac casinos Canada are mentioned). 

Start a YouTube Channel 

For everything that you love to do, there is a target audience on YouTube searching for it. Whether it is cooking, baking, storytelling, poetry, philosophy, how-to videos, documentaries, informational videos, or just vlogs, there is a market for everything. Moreover, if you are reading this, there is already a chance that you do have a well-functioning phone and internet access. Utilize these resources and post your videos for free on YouTube. It might be hard at first but as you learn more about gaining views and the changing analytics that seems to determine YouTube success, it gets quite easier with relatively lesser cost than an official business.  

Start App Development  

Did you know that if you have an interesting idea for an app, such as for a game and even if you do not know much about coding or app development, there are still software developers looking to collaborate with you? By linking with one that seems to suit you, you can come to an agreement that will profit the both of you.  

Become a Copywriter 

Copywriting is another niche of freelance writing that seems to be doing quite well in 2021. It is the art of delivering words in a way that seems to inspire some form of action. Be it coming up with a company slogan to create a distinct brand image to writing a jingle to boost sales of a particular product, copywriting is an essential tool in the online world and you might just create the next best lyrical tune if you are creative enough, which might be quite profitable. This again can be started on freelance sites like Fiverr and Upwork etc.  


These were some ideas to inspire you to get started on your entrepreneurial journey without much significant cost. However, there are still millions of ideas left unexplored and you just need creativity and tact to be successful, much like a game of casino. If you are looking to partake in one, here are some details of the Canadian ones mentioned here. 


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